One of the biggest irritations to shooters is that there is little or no separation provided by the media between vicious criminals and lawful shooters.

It is always just “Guns were found at the address” or “The shooter is now in custody”.

The Kiwi Gun Blog are working to change that.

But in the meanwhile – lets look at another aspect of the conversation. Who is shooting our cops?

The Kiwi Gun Blog has already shown that assaults of our Police with firearms have not increased in twenty years.

But the job of the Police is still a dangerous one. They often need to deal with the dregs of society. The broken and the evil. The threat of violence is always there.

We will need a starting point for this sad study. Lets go with 1983.


The 1983 Arms Act

The 1983 Arms act has been rightly called the envy of the world. It was smart and workable. Old school kiwi. It licensed the man not the gun. It vetted that man. It worked well.

Then came the Police needing to safe face and liability for their failings that caused Aromoana. With that need came a string of new amendment acts. Adding only confusion as they snatched the rights of shooters. Flailing about with ever more regulations, in an attempt to make the nonsensical – workable.

But this 83 Act itself provided the most common sense solution to balancing shooter’s rights and public safety. So let us start there and examine who has been responsible for threatening our Police since that time.

Lets see where the true problem lies.

Six Dead Police Officers

Here is a list of the six Police who have died by firearm since the 1983 Arms act was introduced.

This is while on duty and for us.  RIP

1986 Traffic Officer Robin James Dudding

Taken hostage and later shot dead by Ross Kameta. The Blog does not believe that the offender had a gun license but are now checking with Police.

1990 Sergeant Stewart Guthrie

Shot dead after encountering and firing a warning shot at spree killer David Gray during the Aramoana killings. The offender had his rifles legally BUT had recently been reported on numerous occasions and by different people for threatening violence.

No effective Police response was made.

1996 Constable Glenn Arthur McKibben

Shot standing beside his police car by former soldier Terence Thompson. A known violent criminal.

2002 Detective Constable Duncan Taylor

Died instantly after being shot by teenager Daniel Luff. With a stolen rifle.

2008 Sergeant Don Wilkinson

Disturbed while attempting to secretly fix a tracking device to the car of a known criminal, Wilkinson received several shots from a .22 air rifle. One fatally through the chest.

The killer was released from jail after serving only four years. The dead cop’s mother wasn’t even told.

2009 Senior Constable Leonard Snee

Shot executing a cannabis search warrant by former territorial soldier Jan Molenaar. The offender was a criminal and did not have his weapons legally.

Molenaar’s partner Delwyn Ismalia Keefe, a convicted drug dealer, has received $10,000 of ACC compensation because Molenaar committed suicide. Because… its New Zealand.

polremcut (1)

Other Deaths

So during the above time period, of around thirty five years, six of our police were murdered with guns. But only ONE was wielded by a licensed owner, gone bad. Even then only after the Police ignored not just danger signs but public reports of violent threats.

This all despite there being nearly a quarter of a million licensed gun owners in New Zealand.

During the same time period:

Peter Morris Umbers was bashed to death, with his own baton, by Richard Thomas Lakich in 1990.

In 1999 Constable Lester Murray Stretch was bashed to death by Carlos Namana, a burglar he had followed from a break-in.

In 2008 Sargent Derek Wootton was struck and killed by a carjacked vehicle, with a hostage fleeing police, while laying road spikes.

Six more officers died during this time period in accidents:

One fell from a helicopter during a cannabis recovery operation.

Another when the Police helicopter Eagle collided mid-air with a Piper Archer traffic spotting aircraft. Two civilians also died.

A third died when their Patrol car collided with another car.

Another when a Cessna 172 aircraft crashed while on cannabis reconnaissance. The civilian pilot also died.

Lastly a Police employee was killed in the  2011 Christchurch earthquake.

In Conclusion

So our Police just as likely to die falling from their helicopters as by the hand of a vetted and licensed shooter with a gun.

Or not at all if they do their jobs properly.

The death of ONE Police officer in the course of their duties is too many. But it is good to have these facts to hand the next time that the Police Union go crying wolf to the media.

Shooters who are licensed and vetted under the 1983 arms act are simply not the problem.

We never will be.


The same pattern is clearly apparent for the Police dogs killed on duty. All to often sent in when a snipers bullet would be a much better solution.