The Kiwi Gun Blog has previously reported on Radio NZ buying another Police association lie. We made a formal complaint, demanded a correction and have just received the reply.

Long story short – The Police Union told a lot of media that twenty thousand guns are stolen from kiwi shooters each year. The Otago Daily Times ran the lie as well.

That figure is out by around…. twenty thousand.

That is based on the few figures that are available of course….

Because the NZ Police don’t keep records of our stolen guns. At all.

But now for your entertainment pleasure….

Here is an except from the Radio NZ letter detailing the ‘Correction’ they have since made.


We thought that this must have been a typo and so checked the on line article.


Sure enough…

improved lie

Right. So now its out by around FIFTY THOUSAND.

Again, say that out loud.

“Fifty thousand guns are stolen each year in New Zealand”.

That should sound a bullshit detector for even the laziest journalist.

Now we wonder if THAT qualifies as deception for Radio New Zealand?

Because they are about to tell us that 20,000 doesn’t.


You won’t believe this next bit. We didn’t.

Here is another excerpt from the station’s formal reply:



The ‘Exact number’ doesn’t matter. Even when it is out by twenty thousand.

If you were a listener –  would that have an effect on you?


So Radio NZ just confirmed – in writing – that they don’t care if the information that they provide their listeners and readers is out by a factor of over twenty.


Ladies and gentlemen – journalism today.

They think that introducing the president of the Police Union and letting him lie about twenty thousand stolen guns – in a transparent effort to distract from an inquiry into his officers shooting so many people – is not misleading listeners.

Because they will just take his general thrust….

The Kiwi Gun Blog called again to have this idiocy corrected. Stay tuned.

If you dont think that this is good enough – Here is the email for RNZ’s formal complaints contact:

The on line form is here:

The Kiwi Gun Blog has also made a complaint to the Broadcasting Standards Authority. Now that it has been confirmed that this lie was also broadcast.

Their contact details are HERE

Let Them Die

Radio New Zealand receives $31.816 million annually for its operating costs. From shooter’s tax money.

Again – we are paying to be attacked.

Feel free to contact NZ on Air, the funding body responsible and tell them that this joke station no longer serves a purpose in today’s society.

You can bet that we have.

It disgraces it’s history. Now just pushing the extreme liberal agenda and fake news in general. Sad.

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