The Kiwi Gun Blog are now going over the Committee’s tyrannical  recommendations. They read like a Green Party wish list – not a considered reporting of the issues in play.

“We recommend that a permit to procure be required for the sale or transfer of all firearms”.

Here are the top concerns:

  1. Records of all ammunition sales must be kept by dealers. They seriously considered making such record keeping a requirement for private citizens as well.
  2. Total registration of all guns – “that the permit to procure process be extended to cover the sale or transfer of all firearms” and “that the law be amended to require the Police to record the serial numbers of all firearms possessed by licence holders upon renewal of their licence or inspection of their premises”.
  3. New security requirements for “A” cat guns – with total power given to the Police. “that the Police undertake further work to determine appropriate security standards for “A” category firearms”.
  4. Oh and they can search your home at will like a criminal – “that it extend the power under regulation 29 to allow the Police to enter premises to inspect the security of “A” category firearms”.
  5. An end to every club and organisation’s ‘Trading Post’. All such traders must be registered and approved by Police. Even for antique parts.
  6. A recommendation to the Government that the Police investigate the creation of a category of restricted semi-automatic firearm (rifle and shotgun) to replace the MSSA firearm endorsement category. The preferred option is to redefine an MSSA as a semi-automatic with a magazine holding, or capable of holding, 11 rounds or more.
  7. Apparently the committee believe there should also be a stand-down period following revocation of a licence, before a new application for a firearms licence can be made. Even if a successful challenge is made in court.
  8. They recommend amending the legislation to make it clear that the secure storage requirements must be met to the satisfaction of the Police before a licence or endorsement can be issued. Total power to the Police. To set standards and then approve them. No oversight.
  9. We pay for all of this. No government subsidy.

Of Note

Throughout the bizarre recommendations, the committee include reasons that their ideas wont work. For example:

In 1996, Australia implemented mandatory registration of all firearms. However, it is unclear whether the system reduced the use of illicit firearms.

Although there was a decline in firearm homicides and firearm-related crime, most homicides in 2005-06 involved firearms that were not registered (90 percent) and offenders who did not have a firearms licence (87 percent).

What the Actual F#@k?

What the hell is this?

Its registration – but not registration.

Just registration.

We recommend that instead of creating a firearms register, the legislation be amended to require the Police to record the serial numbers of firearms owned by licence holders. This would be done when a licence holder renews their licence and the Police visit their premises to check their security arrangements, or when the Police inspect a licence holder’s premises for any other reason, such as change of address. This would involve a requirement for firearm owners to produce all their firearms on demand at the time of inspection. This approach would require fewer resources to maintain and would increase the amount of information available to the Police.

A note on New Zealand Gangs from the report

The evidence indicates that unlawful firearms possession and use is an integral aspect of gang culture in New Zealand. In 2014, the Police analysed 3,969 patched members and prospects belonging to 32 New Zealand adult gangs.

They looked at the proportion charged with a serious violence offence involving a firearm or an offence against the Arms Act. The analysis showed that 44 percent of the members and prospects had been charged with an offence involving a firearm, and that 9 percent had been charged with five or more offences involving a firearm during their lifetime.

In April 2016, the Police identified 29 firearm licence holders who were members of a New Zealand adult gang. Six of these licences have since been revoked or surrendered. 

Six? Good job team.

The Kiwi Gun Blog wants to see the rest of those statistics. What time did the scum serve for their gun offences?

So – by their own figures – if we apply serious prison time to those who misuse guns then almost HALF the gang members of the nation will be off the streets!

The Police Union Must be Happy. Right?

You would think so but no.

Its just not enough.

Chris Cahill told the Herald that the Police Association was displeased with the committee’s attitude to rules and regulations surrounding the importation of firearms.

“There appears to be a glaring omission in the report when it comes to tightening up on the tens of thousands of firearms imported into New Zealand every year,” he said.

“We have to ask why on earth we need all these firearms, why we need military-style semi-automatic weapons (MSSA) and pistols, and why is it acceptable to not know where many of these weapons end up?”

What does ‘Tightening’ mean?

A quarter of a million shooters here need guns.

The fact that the Police Union doesn’t understand our sport is their problem. It shouldn’t be ours. Or receive media attention with its vague outbursts.

The Hall of Honor

List of those who made a submission to the Committee:

Aaron J Hopper

Alan Walker

Alan Webster

Alec M

Alex Henshaw

Andrew Pepper

Anthony Blythen

Antonio Apostolakis

Barry Shaw

Bert Wilson

Brad M Brad

Smith Brenton Hodgson

Bruce Graham

Bruce Murdoch

Bruce Rifle Club

Central North Island Gun Club Inc.

Chaz Forsyth

Chris Murphy

Christopher Macpherson

Colby Tyrrell

Council of Licensed Firearms Owners

Daniel Harrison Dannie Abel,

Brie Hale,

Mariel Bocacao

Dr David Holdsworth

Dr Emmet McElhatton

Duncan McKee

Firearms Safety Specialist NZ

Gary Elmes

Gary Larkan

Gerard Phillips

Greater Wellington Muzzle-loading Club

Greg Jaggard

Griffin Adie

Iain Storey

Jaistone Mataio

James Airey

James D

Henry Jason

Ward Allen

Joe Green

John Bryce

John Dyer

Petone gun dealer John Howat suggesting that shooters be limited to owning only four or five guns. Oh and the total registration of all guns. Thanks for that John.

John Mead

John Paul Browne

John T

John Thomas

Ronaldson K Robinson

Kevin F

Laila Farah,

Lisa Jiang,

Azel Cinco

Leonard Bridgeman

Mark Jewitt

Mark Wheeler

Martin Kavanagh

Melissa Veale,

Erin Lockhart,

India Porter

Katie Trott

Hazel Brodie M

ichael Andrews

Michael Kinmond

Michele Domaneschi

Mike Loder

Monty Williams

Morgan O’Brien

Mountain Safety Council New Zealand

Antique and Historical Arms Association New Zealand

Police Association

Nikki Kelman Northland Branch,

New Zealand Antique & Historical Arms Association, Inc.

Paul Clark

Paul Rennie

Paulus Telfer

Phil C

Pierre Joubert

Pistol NZ

Professor Alexander Gillespie (Cocksucker)

R K Dean

Raymond O’Brien

Rob M R

obert Walker

Robin Meaclem

Rod Woods

Ross C

Ross Pierson

Rural Women New Zealand

Ryan Anderson

Chris Woodmass

Sam Estall

Samuel Sydow

Sean Wickham

Sporting Shooters Association of Australia

Sporting Shooters Association of New Zealand Inc.

Stephen Donoghue

Stephen Goodman

Stephen P Mawdesley

Stuart Murray

Terry Douglas

Tex Hood

Trade Me Limited

Warren Fitzsimmons

Wellington Community Justice Project

Wellington Service Rifle Association Inc.

That is it.

That is the might of the New Zealand firearm community that was brought to bear.

Is that 109? Out of a quarter of a million?

So less submissions from shooters than there are Members of Parliament.

That needs to change.

If your club is not represented – ask why.


More details on the committee and how to respond HERE