The Police Minister, Paula Bennet, went on social media today to ask for feedback on the Law and Order committee report.

Cue hundreds of angry shooters with the exact same message. 


Please give her your views as well:

Meanwhile Ron Mark also gave an address regarding the issue:


The Kiwi Gun Blog had asked the Police Minister to agree to attend a series of public meetings, in the nations major centers, to hear our concerns.

There was some back and forth from her office and then on the 5/1/17 the Blog received this:


“I am sorry but the Minister is unable to take you up on your offer of a public meeting at this time.

We are in the process of responding to the Select Committee’s report and we are reading all of the correspondence from legal firearms owners and interested parties.  In addition the Minister has said she wishes to appoint some independent advisors from the firearms community.

Thank you for the invitation”

Belinda Milnes Senior Ministerial Advisor

Office of the Deputy Prime Minister the Hon Paula Bennett


Don’t be shy folks.

Let those deciding your future know your thoughts.