New Zealand shooters are absolutely furious today.

With more still learning about the bizarre recommendations of the Law and Order Committee by the hour.

It hasn’t helped that the president of the NZ Police Association has also declared war on pistol shooters and the possession of any semi automatic rifle.


“We have to ask why on Earth we need all these firearms, why we need MSSAs and pistols, and why is it acceptable to not know where many of these weapons end up,” Mr Cahill said.

Shooters have been venting on social media and many also took the opportunity to attack the ‘Safety’ campaign shown below.



Many commentators were suggesting that a pistol was an unlikely choice of firearm to represent the majority of shooters. Suggesting that it was merely more drama for the benefit of the unwashed.

The timing of the campaign certainly is curious.

Judith Collins

Others have been quoting the politicians who promised shooters a fair deal with the report:

“A gun inquiry should not penalize legal owners of firearms” and “A register would likely be a severe waste of time, given that those holding illegal firearms would not register them.” Judith Collins – Police Minister, 2016

Most posts are just baying for blood.

Gutted to have been betrayed, yet again.

COLFO also detailed another bit of dirty dealing here:

The Police and Police association made submissions (To the committee) that were kept from the public. This is nothing short of outrageous. If the logic of their submissions was sound why would they need to hide their suggestions?

The entire procedure was now clearly a rigged game. A pantomime of consultation towards a predetermined outcome.

But the recommendations in the report are just that. No more. We will make sure that they go no further.

Keep your powder dry guys.

The Kiwi Gun Blog is hosting a meeting tomorrow to get an effective game plan together. All the main players of the gun lobby will be present.

We must be unified.

We must push back with a list of our own demands.

We must be unrelenting.