It would appear that both the NZ Police and the NZ Police Association have made submissions to the Law and Order committee that have not been made public.

Unlike every other submission – these have been kept from the New Zealand people.

That is utterly unacceptable and undemocratic.

The Kiwi Gun Blog have demanded these under the Official Information Act, from both the Police and the Law and Order committee.

Why would they need to hide their desires from the public – If they were legitimate and backed by facts?

This is also the very least of the dirty dealing and private back room meetings that the Blog has been told about.

More to follow on that.

Here are the NZ Police and Police Union Submissions to hand:

Submission of the NZ Police Association 

KGB Full-evidence-text Pol


Police Union Presentation

KGB Full-evidence-text PA

Police Union Briefing to Minister of Police

KGB Full-evidence-text NZPA 3

Police Response to Questions

KGB Pol3 Full-evidence-text

NZ Police Initial Briefing

KGB Full-evidence-text POL2

Private Police Association List of Guns Seized


By ‘Guns’ this includes BB and pellet rifles, non firing replicas and boxes of ammunition. Yes – ammo is a gun. Shhh.

Lastly – here is a previously private submission from the Customs Service

KGB c Full-evidence-text