The Kiwi Gun Blog were reviewing the submissions made to the Law and Order committee and we noticed something strange.

It appeared as though somebody had organised a lot of kids to write in. 

All sprouting anti gun propaganda.

The Blog followed up and sure enough, yep. Some lefty rat at Tawa College had been propagandizing to her class on the evils of firearm ownership. Then set them on the committee.


Tawa College is a co-educational state secondary school of around 1450 students.

Here is an example. Even using the college email addresses.


Once AGAIN shooters tax money is paying to poison the minds of others against us. 

We fund Radio NZ to lie about us.

We fund ‘Peace‘ organisations to slander us in the press.

Now we are funding Tawa College to deceive our kids.

The Kiwi Gun Blog contacted the principal today to express our disgust at this.

He seemed a reasonable gentleman but confirmed that the kids were given the topic to ‘Research’. Then that their bias was rewarded and recommended for submission to the Law and Order Committee.

We noticed that the submissions were made is clusters of several kids. The Principal confirmed that these were the actual study groups. This made it hard for him to maintain that the submissions were still the choices of “Individuals”.

The Kiwi Gun Blog thinks that it is great to get kids involved in the political process. But only if they are truly being shown how to research and question. Rather than to regurgitate the party line.

Shame on you Tawa College. That teacher needs firing.


Let them know your thoughts:

Mr. Lucas (Principal):
Mrs. Nicholas (Dep. Principal):
Ms. West (Dep. Principal):

Address: 38 Duncan Street, Tawa, Wellington 5028
Telephone: 04-232 8184

The Kiwi Gun Blog have also made a complaint to the Education Review Office and Education Ministry.

At the suggestion of a reader, we will also contact the school’s board of trustees. They are now investigating.