The Kiwi Gun Blog have consulted with an election adviser and here is our recommended game plan for the coming election.

We would never presume to tell our readers how to vote.

But IF you want to vote for the preservation of responsible arms ownership in New Zealand – This is what you do.

Tactical Voting

New Zealand voters get two options at the election. They first vote for the candidate that they want to represent them in their electorate. Then they vote for the Party that they want to represent them. That is called the ‘Party vote’.

So how do we best use this system to protect ourselves?

The following two points are assumed:

  1. The Green Party and Labour must not get in to Parliament. They are proven death to shooter’s rights.
  2. We should reward our staunchest friends. Because they will also keep us safe.

Our Recommendation

  1. Give your Party Vote to NZ First.

  2. Give your electorate vote to National – UNLESS another candidate has the best chance of beating the Green / Labour candidate.

    Right now NZ First has twelve members of Parliament. They are all are list except Winston Peters. If he looks strong in his electorate – then vote for him. If NZ First run someone else who really looks like they could win – vote for them.

But beware……

The Danger of Vote Splitting

‘Vote Splitting’ is death. If National and Labour are neck in neck to the finish line and then you vote for the NZ First candidate – Labour benefit. If enough conservative voters do that then Labour will win the seat.

In an ideal world, we would vote for the person we most want to represent us.

The reality here is that we actually need to vote to prevent the person that we DON’T WANT from getting power over our rights.

Why NZ First?

In the 2014 general election New Zealand First secured 8.6% of the party vote.

They increased their parliamentary representation to 12 seats in the New Zealand parliament. The are a firstly – a viable option.

So lets aim to push that number of seats way UP – without taking from the other main conservative party.

A simple plan.

NZ First have been utterly steadfast in their support, understanding and protection of kiwi shooters. We need more than their dissenting voice in Parliament – we need them able to effect law change.

Their latest polling is great!

The Argument Against

National led the Law and Order committee that recommended raping us. They have betrayed us in the past. They may do so again by acting on the tyrannical recommendations of the report.

BUT we KNOW that Labour and the Greens WILL. For SURE. For starters.

It is a valid argument to say that “NZ First are the ones who have been our best protectors – over time – with absolute consistency. So we should support them in any way that we can”.

In a perfect world that is true.

But the math shows us that to get the best result – the most firearm rational people in Parliament – then we need to go with the plan above.

The Option

The only reason that the Kiwi Gun Blog would change the above plan would be if National came out HARD against the committee’s recommendations.

With extreme prejudice.

Nothing less.

So far all we have heard from the Police Minister is “We need time to go over the report”.

She may do the right thing.

But that needs to happen WELL before voting day and without equivocation.

If it doesn’t then….

We have a plan.