The Kiwi Gun Blog is currently waiting to hear back from an Official Information Request concerning just who is really instigating change in our gun laws. 

What agreements and partnerships and ‘Understandings’ create these brave initiatives?

Well, here is one.

Allow us to introduce the Law, Crime and Community Safety Council.

They had a meeting here recently…..


The following is taken from their newsletter:

Law, Crime and Community Safety Council, 27-28 April 2016

The first meeting of the Law, Crime and Community Safety Council for 2016 was held over 27 28 April 2016 in Queenstown, New Zealand. Ministers from New Zealand, the Commonwealth and each state and territory with portfolio responsibility for law and justice, police and emergency management were in attendance, as was a representative of the Australian Local Government Association.

The meeting was chaired by the Hon Nikki Kaye MP, New Zealand Minister of Civil Defence the (Emergency Management Session), the Hon Judith Collins MP, New Zealand Minister (Law Enforcement session), the Hon Amy Adams MP, New Zealand Minister of Justice (Family Violence and Community Safety session) and the Commonwealth Minister for Justice and Minister Assisting the Prime Minister for Counter-Terrorism, the Hon Michael Keenan MP (Law Reform).

On 28 April 2016, the Hon Rene Hidding MP, Minister for Police and Emergency Management for Tasmania, asked Ministers to pause for a minute of silence to commemorate the passage of 20 years since the events of the Port Arthur tragedy – to reflect upon the ongoing suffering of those mourning the loss of the 35 people who died and the ongoing distress of many who survived appalling physical and mental trauma. Ministers noted that the tragedy shaped the Australian community’s notions of trauma, loss and suffering and how these events resulted in an extended community recovery program which became the benchmark for similar international events in following years.

Ministers reflected on the decisive actions of all Australian jurisdictions in developing and achieving consensus on the historic National Firearms Agreement, which is the envy of many countries around the world and agreed to again restate all jurisdictions’ commitment to maintaining a national consensus on firearms as embodied in the National Firearms Agreement.

Now the newsletter just gives this general description of a discussion:


It left out the little details….

Below is the National Firearms Agreement Mentioned Above.

Watch for them to start implementing this here in NZ.

10 MAY 1996

1. Bans on Specific Types of Firearms
Council resolved:
(a) that all jurisdictions ban the sale, resale, transfer, ownership, possession, manufacture and use of those firearms banned or proposed to be banned from import other than in the exceptional circumstances listed in paragraph 1.2 of the Commonwealth proposal (see below).
para 1.2 The only need for the use of an automatic or semi-automatic longarm would be:
 military;
 police or other government purposes; and
 occupational categories of shooters who have been licensed for a specified
purpose (eg extermination of feral animals).
(b) that all jurisdictions ban competitive shooting involving those firearms banned or proposed
to be banned from import.
Council agreed to implement its resolution via the following action plan:
1. All jurisdictions to ban the sale, resale, transfer, ownership, possession, manufacture and use of those firearms banned or to be banned from import other than in the following exceptional circumstances:
 military use;
 police or other government purposes; and
 occupational categories of shooters who have been licensed for a specified
purpose (eg extermination of feral animals).
2. All jurisdictions to ban competitive shooting involving those firearms banned or proposed to be banned from import.
3. The Commonwealth to ban the importation of all semi-automatic self-loading and pump action longarms, and all parts, including magazines, for such firearms, included in Licence Category D, and control the importation of those firearms included in Licence Category C.
2. Effective Nationwide Registration of All Firearms
Council resolved:
(a) that New South Wales, Queensland and Tasmania immediately establish an integrated
licence and firearms registration system and that all other jurisdictions review their existing registration systems to ensure that all systems are compatible.
(b) that these databases be linked through the National Exchange of Police Information (NEPI) to ensure effective nationwide registration of all firearms.

As an Aussie friend pointed out:

“I suggest you download your own copy of the National firearms agreement to see what you government ministers and police policy makers have bought into. Note it is the Australasian police ministers council. Not the Australian police ministers council”.

Now if you looked at their promotional material – would you think they were after you?


The Kiwi Gun Blog has asked Judith Collins if we have signed on to this. You may wist to as well.

Phone: (04) 817 9879

Papakura electorate office

Roselands Shopping Centre, 98 Great South Road, Papakura
Phone: (09) 299 7426

Nikki Kaye and Amy Adams have also been contacted for their comments.

Here is the response thus far:

Kaye tries to dodge. We said no – we want a reply from them.

Then in late may we get this:
aussie gun laws
In this letter the Minister claims:
No comment was made on any joint planning regarding firearms.

Isabel Poulson called. She is the Ministerial Advisor to Judith Collins.

They are insisting on passing the matter to the current Police Minister for comment. Who will then answer our concerns “From the records of the meeting”.

Collins’ office refused to make the simple statement; “No trans Tasman firearm agreements or understanding have been entered into”.

Just refused.


So that leaves…


Now we need to wait a month for what we imagine will be a non committal response.

The Kiwi Gun Blog wrote back to the Minister to clarify our concerns and to ensure a specific response.

 Download the National Firearms Agreement HERE


Thanks to COLFO for the following OIA response from the Police.

 Police deny law matchi2017-national-firearms-agreementng with Australia

Number Four makes interesting reading. The Police both deny any collusion with Australia regarding our gun laws AND state that registration is useless.

Its a pity they don’t work so closely on data matching criminals.