The Kiwi Gun Blog has asked every political Party in New Zealand for their firearms policy. So that our readers can then make an informed decision on who to vote for come the next election.

New Zealand’s Act Party has been very supportive of shooters in the past.

They have failed to provide us with a current arms policy but the Kiwi Gun Blog was heartened to read the following reply to one of our letters to the Members of Parliament:

Good afternoon

On behalf of David Seymour thanks you for the below email regarding Law and Order Select Committee.

David recognises that the firearm proposals made by the Law and Order Select Committee go far beyond targeting illegal gun possession. These proposals would punish responsible firearm owners for the actions of a criminal minority.

ACT was not represented on this committee but if a bill is put forward reflecting these ideas, ACT will oppose it.

Kind regards

That is good to hear. Thanks guys.

The party has also come out against the Law and Order committee’s bizarre ideas on their social media page. Good to see.


The ACT Party DID make the imbecilic decision to install John Banks – the father of every legislative hell that any shooter in New Zealand now faces – as their leader. The result was a disaster.

He quit as leader in December 2013 – when facing criminal persecution.

With John Banks on board the party attracted only 1.07% of the party vote in that election.

Their showing in the election to come is anyone’s guess.

More information about the party can be found here:

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