If you ever doubted the utter contempt that Parliament has for the rights and input of shooters – here is a little story.

This takes place just after the first Arms Amendment Bill. Shooters are furious. John Banks, the National Party Police Minister, had promised us a fair deal and then absolutely betrayed us. 

He let the Police have their way. Creating both the MSSA and the nightmare of legislative tampering to follow.

So we then went from the clarity and wisdom of the original Arms Act, to the beginning of the endless amendments.

Because of the sheer scale of submissions that shooters had made to the committee examining the Bill, some damage was mitigated.

But not enough.

Police had just caused the tragedy at Aromoana, through their inaction. Failing to respond to previous reports from the public about the violence of the madman who would then go on to perpetrate the notorious horror.

So they distracted from their liability WHILE pushing their previously stated agenda of restricting semi auto rifles. A win – win.

The wedge was in.

The Backlash

Shooters immediately made their anger known. Any public meeting, held by any MP involved in the sell out, was filled to the walls with gun owners. Demanding to know why they had been betrayed.

It was not uncommon for these meetings to have Police lining those walls to protect the guilty. But shooters were of course responsible in our protests.

But then the Justice Minister, Doug Graham, promised action.

Anything to placate the angry hoards.

He promised to form a cabinet sub committee to investigate our concerns and to suggest further action.

Subsequent inquiry to his office sounded positive. There was hope. Then….


It turned out that Doug Graham, the Justice Minister for the National Party government, had invented a cabinet subcommittee. Invented its deliberations. Invented its results. Then lied to cover it up.

The people named by Doug Graham as being on the committee confirmed, in writing, that they had never heard of the matter. When this writer then contacted the cabinet secretary she also confirmed, in writing, that the matter had never been raised.

When Graham was confronted with this evidence, there was then a clumsy attempt at a cover up. The secretary had no notes or memory of the issue being raised before – but it was now coming back to her…

But the Justice Minister had achieved the delay that he needed and in the end, laughed us off. The tone of his letters now dripping with contempt.

The allegation that we opened with above was published in the media at the time, without response from Graham.

After all…. Why would he care?

Of Note…

When John Banks was later running for Parliament under the Act Party banner, he actually tried to woo shooters. The father of every legislative horror that we now face came a courtin’.

Banks told one gun magazine that he regretted the Arms Amendment Bill, that it was a mistake and that it came about only because the Police had mislead him.

The Kiwi Gun Blog will certainly believe the second part of that but not the first.

If the Police were lying – then THOUSANDS of shooters told him why they were wrong in their submissions.

But those shooters were ignored and betrayed.

To this day, we are still trying to undo some of that damage WHILE defending against more.

With little luck outside of court action.

Because we simply don’t get a say – At any stage here.

It is interesting to note that the two major players here, John Banks and Doug Graham, have since both become convicted criminals.



In Conclusion….

So our gun laws are now pre written by Police. Then given to a committee for the theater of consultation. Before the pre agreed outcome is determined. Then their recommendations will go through the house to a pre determined ‘Vote’. Then any concerns from shooters will be condescended to before the pre determined response is then given.

Then repeat.

THAT is how our system really works. It is ugly when you look it in the eye.

What of today?

Now we have a new Police Minister, whose party has led and guided the Law and Order committee to recommendations that threaten our freedoms once again.

Once again, there is another pantomime of inviting feedback and the promise of consultation. As if she is some how outside this of this decision making. Just now learning of it.

But no. The sad lesson has been learned by shooters. At our terrible cost.

These people only respect an angry mob at the electorate.

So make your feelings known.

Then make your vote felt.

In the mean time – DO make contact the Police Minister with your view.

It is still possible to shut this down early IF enough people make their voices heard.

If we just show – beyond all doubt – that the committee recommendations are simply vote cancer.

Bennett’s first appeal for feedback on her social media page attracted hundreds of angry shooters.


Its a numbers game.