The Police Minister, Paula Bennett, has posted some positive news on her social media page today.


Update for firearms owners regarding the Select Committee Report into illegal firearms:

I agree with many of your statements and am working on a range of solutions.

I have had an initial look at the response from the select committees inquiry into firearms and can already see that a number of recommendations will not be progressed as they are not a priority.

My priority is to see fewer guns in the hands of criminals.

I will work through our response to the inquiry over the next few weeks and am looking to get a couple of advisors from the hunting and sport shooting community to assist.

That does sound positive.

However…. Whatever decision is made by the Minister will need to be finalized before the election.

With great specificity.

So we can vote accordingly.

Please give the Minister some feedback HERE.

The message must be unequivocal. “Don’t compromise with stupid. Just punish criminals – Then stop”.

The Minister then goes on to comment about permitting delays:

On permitting issues, Police are now better resourced to work through licencing and permits and should be getting through any backlogs as a priority, they assure me that they are close to being up to date.

Police have asked that any applicants who have not received their permit within 40 days to contact a special email address so that they can resolve it immediately.

Keep up the pressure!