It appears as if there is a new threat to the shooting sports and it is most troubling.

There has been a pattern of morons moving next to established gun clubs and then expecting them to be closed down, or at best restricted, because they are noisy.

The arrogance and sense of entitlement is insane.

Yet clubs are enduring a nightmare of council compliance, legal fees and needless building costs as a result.

The Latest Victim

The Auckland Pistol Club recently had a bully purchase land next door to them. Then build a house all but overlooking the range. Then they called the Auckland City Council to have the range shut down because of the noise.

The Council has since harassed the long established club with noise control officers, shutdowns and limited hours of use.

The club has now had to spend countless thousands on legal fees before massive additional outlays on soundproofing the ranges. In the HOPES that will be acceptable to council.

Important competitions have been cancelled in the meanwhile with massive numbers of shooters being effected.

Maddening and so very unfair.

The club is currently shooting under severe restrictions pending completion of this costly noise mitigation work.

It also appears as if the neighbour investigated the legal situation before buying the land. So this was their plan from the outset.



Each Whisper Panel costs the club $250+GST ($287.50 incl GST) and they will require a lot of them in order to soundproof the entire complex.

“We will be doing everything we can to fund-raise for this project as membership fees will not be enough to cover the materials and labour we will need to complete the project.   If anyone would would like to sponsor a panel or more your donation would be gratefully received”.

To sponsor a panel please contact their Treasurer – Rob –

More Madness…

Yet another clay shooting club down the line is now having similar issues. They have asked us not to name them as they try to negotiate with the woman who moved in close by. She is concerned that the noise may trouble her horse.

The club have been there since 1966. Insane.

A final example is the Waiuku Pistol Club, tucked away just out of sight of Karioitahi Beach. It had also suffered efforts to shut it down.



The 30-year-old club is the only one in Auckland where sportspeople can shoot pistols, rifles and shotguns in the open air.

Noise complaints have harassed the club for more than a decade. Once again forcing the members to pay for a needless resource consent process.

The problems have come from a resident who bought a nearby house in 1995. Yes – He knew the club existed when he bought the property.

A new consent was finally granted to the club. But only after a battle costing more than $150,000.

It came with restrictions: Shooting was limited to certain times, certain days and all shooting now had to be from within the range’s noise-dampening shelters.

However, the gun club is now back on its feet with a new five-year lease.

These issues cost money, membership numbers and a terrible stress to volunteer committees.


The new Auckland Shooting Club also met with opposition on the grounds of noise. They won.