Thanks to Firearm Owners United NZ for publicizing the following.

Chris Cahill is the current President of the NZ Police Union.

Perhaps he is feeling jumpy after the Police Minister has begun to distance herself from the Law and Order report that he engineered?



Chris Cahill has been caught out lying to the media again – this time its Radio NZ’s rural program.

Chris Cahill states – “We need to examine why semi-automatics are needed in a hunting environment”

Remember – he’s talking about duck hunters and small game shooters shotguns and Ruger 1022’s.

He then goes on to state – and this is when the lying starts:

“bear in mind it’s very easy to turn these weapons into full automatics and get them into the hands of criminals”

and continues with this little gem:

“I’ve sat around a fire talking to hunters and duck shooters and they don’t use semi-automatic weapons because they don’t need to”.


Now the Truth

With the exception of a certain French .22 rifle, that is very rare in New Zealand, it is VERY hard to modify a semi automatic rifle to fire full auto. Let alone to select fire.

Most are designed specifically to prevent this dangerous tampering.

The Kiwi Gun Blog have asked the Police:

1. How many semi automatic weapons have been found to have been illegally modified to full auto in New Zealand?

2. How many different gang members have been caught with these, on how many occasions?

We look forward to their response.

Any guesses guys and girls?

The Blog has also asked the Police Union how many times that they are aware of this happening in the last quarter century.

But have you noticed the Police Association’s new technique?

They treat common knowledge as a mystery in need of investigating. 

Cahill had done this repeatedly now and it works well for him. “Is there a place for semi auto rifles in hunting” etc. Only since 1885.

Confusion is this man’s best weapon. Lies are just how he achieves this end. So let us keep on message. Target criminals to effect criminals.

Now remember the closing words of this rat on the audio clip below. He is discussing MSSA rifles as “The first that we would like to target”….

Because it doesn’t stop. Ever.

Oh and the Kiwi Gun Blog are willing to bet that the only circle of men that Cahill has participated in involved him eating a biscuit.

Another Point From FOUNZ

“When a sample of a new semi auto firearm is assessed by PNHQ for approval, they check to make sure that it can’t be readily converted to full auto. If it can, it won’t be approved by the armourer.

If Cahill actually believes that semis really are “easy to turn into full automatics” then he must also believe that PNHQ, specifically the armourer, are incompetent and are failing to do their own jobs.

You can’t have it both ways Chris. Are you lying or are you calling your own people idiots?”

Listen For Yourself HERE

As the team at FOUNZ suggest: “Please tag a mate with a semi auto shotgun or 22 rimfire who may not be aware of what this police mouthpiece intends for hunters”.

Lets remind our hunting friends that yes, THEY are in the cross-hairs as well. Today.


Why Semi Autos Are Needed in Hunting

For shooters who enjoy the target disciplines and are unfamiliar with hunting – here is some info.

The semi auto rifle recoils less due to its system of operation. So it is often more comfortable for women and those of smaller frames to shoot. Even with a limit of two shots in the magazine it is the first choice.

A rapid follow up shot is also needed for pest eradication. This is not sport – it is work. A large number of animals need to be taken quickly.

It is not only the nature of the action that allows a quick second shot. But the reduced recoil also produces a reduced muzzle rise. So the sights remain close to a target animal and do not need to be reacquired.

The bottom line – a semi automatic rifle is a perfectly reasonable, time honored choice as a hunting arm.

What You Can Do

  1. Email the NZ Police Association to say that you are sick of their lies.
  2. Email Radio NZ to complain. Use the phrase “I wish to make a formal Complaint” under the ‘Standard 9’ of ‘Accuracy’ in reporting. HERE is the code if you wish to learn more.
  3. Email the show to tell them that this man has lied to them.

That is it. Just click the highlighted links above.

It only takes a few minutes to do all three.

A Final Reminder…

The comments below were from the NZ Police to the Law and Order committee:

Police Comment:
88. An obvious solution and probably the most easy to enforce is to simply require all semi-automatic rifles and semi-automatic shotguns to require an E Cat endorsement.

The Arms Act would simply be amended to replace all references to a MSSA with references to a semi-automatic.

There would as a consequence be a requirement to have an E endorsement for the possession of any semi-automatic firearm or shotgun and to provide special reasons when applying to import these arms.

Police favours this option as the tighter security required for the additional firearms that become E category will reduce the thefts of these firearms and their leakage into the criminal community.

Please understand that it is an ongoing, concerted effort from both the Police AND their union to see every semi auto registered.

For later confiscation.