Shooters of Napier – this one is for you.

Havelock North resident David Elliott has been chosen as the National Party candidate for Napier in the upcoming general election.

Saturday, 23 September

Mr Elliott will be running against Stuart Nash of the Labour party. The rat who was the driving force behind the Law and Order Committee that sold us out.

The Kiwi Gun Blog respectfully suggests that you give Mr Elliot your vote and support.

Nash. Must. Pay.

As the Blog has detailed HERE before – Nash only took his current seat because the Conservative Party ran a candidate and split the vote.

It has now been confirmed today that that will not happen again.

garth.PNGSo – Nash is all but sunk this go round.

But lets make the loss dramatic.

The Kiwi Gun Blog have shown our PLAN for how best to protect our rights as shooters in the coming election.

But this is a separate issue. This is plain, personal vengeance. Nash needs to become a message.

‘If you betray 250,000 good kiwi shooters and the trust of every New Zealander – That will come at a cost’.

So please, regardless of your normal party affiliation, vote that message.


Who Is David Elliot?

According to legend……

National’s candidate was born and raised in Hawke’s Bay and is a successful airline pilot. He honed those skills flying for the Royal New Zealand Air Force for 12 years.

“Napier is a truly unique part of New Zealand, the Art Deco capital of the world and a place I’m thrilled to have the opportunity to give a voice to in Government,” Elliott says.

“My great grandmother, my grandfather, and my father were born and raised in Napier. Dad is incredibly proud of me standing to be the MP for my family’s hometown.

“We’ve got a regional economy that is humming, we’ve got a stunning natural environment and climate that is the envy of other regions, and the pace of life is attracting families from all over New Zealand.”

Elliot says the Napier electorate deserves a local MP that is aspirational for the area and knows what it takes to get ahead.

He will be up against the rat Nash and Green Party candidate Damon Rusden. The latter being with the International Socialist Organization of NZ. We can guess their policy on gun sports.


Nash has kicked off the pre election bitchery: “I’ve never ever come across him in my nine years of being involved in politics in Napier but by all accounts he’s a nice guy.”

David Elliot is a father-of-three; “I have achieved quite a lot and I want to let people from similar backgrounds know that you can achieve your dreams and goals if you apply yourself, take some responsibility and work hard.”

His parents had divorced when he was very young and for a time he lived with his grandmother. He went to Hastings Boys’ High School before working at a radio station, then passing the Royal New Zealand Air Force exam.

Elliot traces his Hawke’s Bay ancestry to 19th-century pioneers, with his father and two preceding generations born in Napier.

“I have spent most of my life in and around Napier and my family history goes back to year dot, so I don’t know how much more local I could get.”

His View of Guns

The Kiwi Gun Blog spoke to National’s candidate today. He emailed us later with his position on the gun issue:

Great to talk today, as I told you I have been around firearms my whole life, as a young man hunting with my father in the Kawekas, in the military including operational service overseas and as a current firearms owner.

I will be affected by any changes to firearms laws in the same manner as other law-abiding owners.

Certainly, removing firearms from Gangs is a necessity, and one that most people would agree with. At least one of the recommendations deals with that. No issue with that sentiment.

What tends to be forgotten sometimes is that any firearm, regardless of its styling or firing action, is as dangerous as another.

Paula Bennett has set up an email address and Facebook page to hear the concerns of firearm owners. This provides an ideal way of voicing your concerns around issues such as ammunition sales, re-categorising commonly used firearms, changes to storage requirements and other areas of the recommendations you think need more attention.

As she states, the Government will now consider Parliament’s report and must provide a written response by 6 July. To assist with that response I would encourage people to continue to state their position on the recommendations .

If you want to set up a meeting with a group of locals I am more than happy to come along and have a chat.


David Elliott

Our translation – The candidate is limited in what he can say on the issue until the Police Minister jumps one way or the other.

But that all sounds pretty positive to us.

What Local Shooters Can Do

First up – Vote!

Second – tell Nash why you are voting the way that you are. Via Labour’s Facebook Page would be best. So they appreciate what Nash has done. Or email the rat DIRECT.

Maybe offer your lawn for some temporary election signage.

Perhaps consider volunteering:

An afternoon’s flyering is pretty painless. More so when in good company.

You can get updates on the National candidate here:

For more general information:

Or email:

Keep it clean…

Lets keep this a good, clean contest guys.

Please do NOT take down Labour’s election signage. Even though they make great target stands….

Oh and if any shooters reading this run a printing company – please get in touch.

No reason…


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