It was recently confirmed that the former Police Association President Greg O’Connor will be the Labour party candidate for Ohariu at the next election.

O’Connor has been granted a waiver by Labour from its requirement that candidates must be a party member for at least one year. As usual with Labour – some people are more equal than others when it comes to rules.

The rat’s first step upon joining Labour was to flip flop on his long held policy of arming the Police.


So he takes cop union money for 21 years (Despite a 6 year term limit?) and then betrays them the day he leaves to serve a new master. Stay classy Greg.


Greg O’Connor has attacked responsible kiwi shooters relentlessly. Year after year. He must not be allowed to take his extremist views into Parliament as an MP.

The Best Option to Beat O’Connor

OK boys and girls…. Here is the rub. The best option to make sure that one of our worst enemies doesn’t get his hands on power – With the party that hates us – is to support Greg Dunne. Head of the United Future party.


As you know, the Kiwi Gun Blog asked every party for their gun policy but United Future refused to respond in any way. Dunne himself has a poor history on gun rights.

The Associate Conservation Minister Peter Dunne went to the media about hunting safety following two fatal incidents over a weekend.

“New Zealand has again been sadly reminded that without following best practice and taking the utmost care the use of firearms can kill. Unfortunately there seems to be an increasing frequency of firearm incidents causing injury or death. The worst aspect is that these incidents are largely preventable”.

“Incidents such as those over the weekend have led me to begin the process of initiating a review of unsafe and illegal gun use in the outdoors. Such a review will be asked to establish what the problems are, where responsibility might lie, and ultimately what we can do to reduce the risks of death and injury due to improper gun use.

“Following the review I will request the Game Animal Council to take the review’s findings and work with the hunting and outdoors communities to improve the situation. The Game Animal Council is the right body to do this as the representative of the hunting and outdoors communities. I am confident that with their leadership we will see an improvement to outdoors safety.

“Hundreds of thousands of New Zealanders love to get out in the bush to hunt, tramp and enjoy our beautiful environment. I do not wish to discourage anyone to stay at home in fear. I stress that everyone who enjoys the outdoors needs to take responsibility for their own safety and the safety of those around us” .

The Whale Oil website had a good – If harsh – response:

“… accidents are rare, even during duck shooting. There are tens of thousands of people out shooting and this year two fools checked out. It isn’t a problem, it is a statistical aberration.

It’s funny though that he hasn’t said a word about 10 road fatalities over the same weekend, or god knows how many people were hospitalised due to drunk or drugged driving, or ingesting psychoactive substances he is perfectly ok with.

There are plenty of firearms training course out there like HUNTS from the NZ Deerstalkers Association and the Mountain Safety Council also run courses.

Regulations and rules won’t stop people being stupid, like climbing a fence with a loaded firearm.

You can’t legislate for if idiocy or negligence. The simple solution to one of those cases involved opening the bolt, sliding the rifle under the fence and then climbing over it. If you climb a fence, or jump off the back of a ute with a loaded gun then you are a temporary Kiwi, Darwin will come calling eventually”.

So the Kiwi Gun Blog would not say that Dunne is an enemy of responsible arms use but nor has he been a bestie.

The bottom line is that Dunne is by far the best option when compared to the double threat O’Conner working for Labour.

That is simply not an option.

The Math

Here is how the last election broke down:


Its amazing how National as a party received well over TWICE the votes of their closest rival and Dunne’s own party attracted almost nothing. But as a candidate he won with a narrow margin.

Dunne has confirmed that he plans to stand again this year.

Things will be tighter this go around as the Greens have now dropped out in support of O’Connor.


That collusion does an end run around democracy and now gives the Police Union’s worst a solid win.

What Shooters Can Do

The first thing to do is urge National to counter the left’s connivance with a tactical agreement of their own.

The National candidate drops out and supports Dunne. So he gets a solid win. Simple.

National’s last candidate received less than HALF the votes of either Dunne or Labour. They are just in the way and vote splitting. So please be respectful – but urge National to do the smart thing here.

The Party President:

Prime Minister:

The National Foundation:

The Candidate is Brett Hudsen:

Next, contact Peter Dunne and United Future.

Tell him why he is about to get your vote.


Damian Light – Party President:


Then, consider volunteering. Hand out some flyers. For Dunne or against O’Conner.

Consider allowing some temporary signage on your lawn.

O’Conner is still a threat and he can NOT be allowed closer to the law making machine.

Oh, as part of defending his flip flop on arming the Police the media reported:

“However, in recent years he had focused on taking the guns off the criminals and others that should not have them”.

Um. ‘Others’? We think he means us. Who other tan criminals should not have them?


Just like the Stuart Nash race, this electorate needs very special attention.

Otherwise… Stick to the PLAN team.