In a response to a concerned shooter raising the issue of our Police inventing new security rules outside of law – the Police Minister included this:


So Paula Bennett has now confirmed, in writing, that her Ministry takes, at the very least, its guidance from the United Nations when it comes to the control of firearms in New Zealand.

What Else Does the UN Offer Us?

Here is the ‘Standard’ that our Police Minister uses and quotes for the Police interpretation of our firearm storage security:


Click the image above to see the paper or below to download.

UN-Arms-Control-Standards-ISACS-03.30 (1)

Here are some selected snippets for your attention:

As long as we are using this United Nations standard then our seven round magazine limit needs to be immediately raised to ten.


Oh and look at that barrel length.

Our current 762mm can now be reduced to 660mm! Happy days.

Now for the bad news…

Our new UN rulers divide firearms into categories.

Category 1 pose an ‘Intolerable risk’ to the public. These include anything with a high capacity magazine. So IPSC is over. Oh and anything over .45 caliber in both rifles AND handguns. Blackpowder included by our reading. Automatic weapons in kiwi collections are also gone. Sorry.

But here is some more good news.

Now we can keep guns for self defense! Check out 7 – d



The Kiwi Gun Blog has asked the Police Minister for details as to when we can expect the current NZ Police Policy to change in this area.

Oh and the great minimum length and magazine capacity ideas.

Here is the foreign rule that our Police are now applying for security:


Not necessarily a bad one. But then the UN regulations escalate security requirements with the Category of weapons being stored. They quickly also require cables to be threaded everywhere. Quite bizarre. Can we expect that next?

Or the next idea coming down the track could be making a limitation on the number of guns that a shooter can own. Our own John Howat likes that idea.


This escalates for semi auto rifles. The wording changes from ‘May’ limit to ‘Should’. This language is very important. Look for it.


Next we see where the Green Party get their term limit from.


Again we see the word ‘Should’ used here.

Registration is also treated as an assumed norm.


Oh what have we here? That retarded idea from the Law and Order committee that ammunition sales should be recorded by our gun shops?

The one that Stuart Nash said was already the law?

Well this is where it was born…..


The bibliography of this document also makes interesting reading. The Blog has previously detailed many of the rats involved. An echo chamber of globalist control freaks.

You can read more about the UN gun ban movement here:


You may also wish to send a polite message to the Police Minister to the effect that you expect OUR Parliament to make our laws. Not faceless, uncountable bureaucrats in foreign lands.


Parting Shot

In that same letter the Minister wrote:


Yeah…. The Kiwi Gun Blog would like to take the good lady at her word but with her party running the inquiry – You would have thought that this massive change in direction would have been discussed with the Minister involved.

Perhaps she was indeed as surprised as the rest of us.

But……. Also in her letter was the statement:


The letter was dated the 27th of February 2017.

Surely the Minister is now well aware that there are indeed serious issues relating to her Police abusing their powers here? Enough shooters have met with her on the issue.

The pattern is now clear and indefensible.


Download the original response letter below:

KGB Ministers response to Select Committee submission

Available with permission.