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Shameless! Napier Shooters!

The Kiwi Gun Blog recently reported how Labour’s rat, Stuart Nash, was appearing to wobble on his Law and Order committee’s insane report.

“Committee member Stuart Nash says people need to remember these are merely recommendations”.

These comments from Nash come only days after the Police Minister, Paula Bennett, also began to distance herself from the report:

“I have had an initial look at the response from the select committees inquiry into firearms and can already see that a number of recommendations will not be progressed as they are not a priority”.

Well now…..

Nash Calls for a Public Meeting

Stuart Nash has now appealed on his social media page for ‘Feedback’ from shooters. Because apparently we have been unclear….


I am asking for your feedback on the firearms enquiry recommendations, and their ability to deliver safer communities and keep guns out of the hands of criminals and gangs.

Wow. Just shameless. He then poses his way through a video, wearing a Rod and Gunn shirt of course.

He now appears to be open to some evidence based changes….

Then the rat picks a committee recommendation at random and pretends THAT is the issue that he has been contacted about by so many shooters. As opposed to THE TOTAL REGISTRATION OF FIREARMS! As opposed to everything else!

The shameless gall of the man. Is he a psychopath? Who else could keep a straight face and lie like that with such comfort?

Don’t let him bait and switch! Don’t let him distract with one recommendation!

Throughout the video he repeats that Judith Collins also called for the inquiry. With him. Desperately trying to share the blame. He then acts as if these concerns of shooters are all somehow new to him.

The rat that drove the committee – that he created. The rat that ignored our evidence based reasoning. The rat that then sold us out. But NOW he is learning about some potential issues….

Right Stuart.  Right….

He actually says “Lets do this in a constructive way”. What? Like a Law and Order committee process? You rat.

He then calls for a snap public meeting.

His post concludes with:

If you’re not in Hawke’s Bay, please add your feedback below or email submissions to:

If for some reason you have not yet made your thoughts known to this man – do it now!

Where and When

The meeting is this Thursday 27th April at 7:30pm!

The meeting is to be held at the Westshore Beach Inn.

Just click the above link for directions.

 06-835 9879

In his video the snake says:

“As a politician I reserve the right to change my mind”.

Show up and make that happen guys!


Tell your local shooting friends!

Obviously this is just a ploy. That is why he is giving only a few days notice. So shooters cant organise serious numbers. Then he can still claim to have had ‘Consultation’ on the matter.

Prove him wrong. Fill the joint.

HERE is how Nash has tried to defend the report.

The Message

HERE is what we need to say. Then repeat.

HERE are some points to make to drive it home.

HERE is an example of the real issue.

Contact your local media to express your disgust at the pantomime he is attempting.

Then the national media HERE.

Questions for Nash

Firstly, behave. The left love to provoke good men to the point of acting outside their good character and then claiming that to be their temper.

Be reasonable – But don’t give this man an inch.


  1. How could he head a committee seeking to stop criminals using guns and not suggest a single penalty for criminals using guns?!
  2. In a letter he wrote:  Recommendation 1 re ammunition. We were told that gun dealers always record ammunition transactions anyway, so all that will change is that you will have to show your licence when purchasing ammunition.  How can he not know that we need to show licences for ammo purchase NOW!?
  3. How can the man on the inquiry not know that ammunition sales are NOT currently recorded?! Because that would be insane.
  4. How can it currently be the case if he is calling for it to be changed TO that situation?!
  5. How did he come to recommend this UN regulation? Who made the committee aware of such a notion when it doesn’t appear in submissions?record
  6. You have told shooters that gun safes can be had for under $200. Where are these available?
  7. You wrote: It is my expectation that the Police will consult and work in partnership with the representatives of gun owners to ensure that what is finally recommended is sensible, achievable and has buy-in from the gun community. Why would this suddenly be the case now. Are you unaware of the current and past issues of Police abuse of the Arms act?
  8. How does he feel about his partners in this affair – the Green Party – releasing an official gun law policy that thinks we are in Canada? Did you even attend these committee meetings?
  9. You called on us to show evidence of our position. We have. Where is YOUR evidence that anything that your committee recommended will achieve anything positive?
  10. Your committee report says that registration is ineffective, then gives and example of Australia to prove this and then calls for registration. Were you drunk?
  11. Will you commit now, tonight, to withdrawing your recommendation for the NZ$110 million dollar loser that is registration?
  12. You claim to want constructive ideas tonight. Yet Labour has been asked to support harsher penalties for armed offenders and NOT ONE of your Members of Parliament even responded to the question. How can we take you seriously when you display that level of contempt?
  13. Lastly, ask him what he is going to do with his time after he loses the Napier seat because of us 🙂

No doubt one of Nash’s slithering minions will read this and prepare answers. Good luck with that.

Record this event!

Nash is making a series of grasping promotional videos in a desperate attempt to appear relevant. He is filmed talking to people who matter. Unlike him. He has tiny local meetings, where they film over five nodding grey heads in a desperate attempt to make the room look full.

He will do the same at this meeting. Make sure that the truth of the gathering gets out. Not his edited lie.

Spread the Word

This is short notice. The Kiwi Gun Blog will do our best to contact Napier clubs. But get the word out!


Good on the shooters who attended. Thanks also to FOUNZ for broadcasting the meeting on social media.

All shooters really need to know of the meeting is that Nash performed like a seal and promised to revisit many of the report’s suggestions.

BUT when asked what recommendations he would still support – he refused to say.

He was asked repeatedly, even held the list at one point and then declined again.

Pure. Rat.

LATEST: We called it! Nash has just released a highly edited video clip HERE that completely distorts the meeting and the comments made. We suspect that a plant was used to insert soundbites. It now appears as if shooters are asking for him to do the things that we were objecting to! Shameless. 



12 thoughts on “Shameless! Napier Shooters!

  1. Dear Mr Nash, This report does nothing to keep firearms out of the hands of the New Zealand criminal element. They must be laughing their socks off.
    The only sensible members of this select committee seem to come from New Zealand First.
    I think Ron Mark should have been running it as he seems to know a lot more about firearms than the rest of the committee put together.
    Please Mr Nash a lot more concentration on the criminal element.
    Regards, Julian Gordon.


  2. Stuart You seem to be off the mark here, Blanket registration of guns isnt going to keep them out of criminal hands, ,why the hell would you want to set up a new category of licence to encompass semi auto sporting rifles and sporting shotguns that also wouldn’t keep them out of gangs hands, think about it , put your brain into gear before you engage your mouth!!
    Robin Back


  3. Can someone tell me, why is no one mentioning the massive cyber risk we woukd have in this world filled with hackers and computer crime. What easier target is there than a database of every firearms owner and what they possess, how they keep it safe and where they can be located? It’s will be a virtual firearms shopping list, just pick what you want and we will find it for you… this is insane. Wake up! you cannot keep this type of information locked up in the police station with police officers always present. The Internet has no boarders. If they can hack the US military and take there data, little old NZ has no chance.


  4. The Hornets NESTS have been kicked and the buzzing has even reached the cloth ears of our Parliamentarians.

    However the response is MORE of the same old; same old; FAILED responses of the past.

    Without understanding and some very lateral thinking NOTHING will change … as usual.

    Nash’s pathetic and predictable response to the ‘crisis’ will only ensure that he shows himself of incapable of rising to the occasion.

    Unless politicians across a broad spectrum realise that they really, really need the support of the armed citizenry to be able to govern securely they are doomed to face a POLITICAL blood bath which has the potential to sweep them from Power – at subsequent elections.

    God forbid that ‘voting from the roof tops’ should ever come to this peaceful land …

    At present only NZ First appear to realise this ancient truth …


  5. I’m a lawful licensed owner and trust me there is no way any BS laws aimed at people like me will stop meth dealing gangs getting hold of anything they want. we are a small country with a big un-patrolled coastline and given the right amount of $$ the unlawful element among us could probably import a H-bomb if they felt like it.
    Right now NZ is in the grip of a meth (P) epidemic, the mere fact that it has dropped in price 50% in the last few years shows the extent of the issue, add that to cocaine etc and its massive.
    Where do you think the gangs get brand new Harley’s from? instant kiwi?
    And yet what do we get, we get idiots like this spouting U.N rhetoric and trying to disarm the lawful owner.
    Now just to give you an example of my firearms use, I have shot pretty much every species in NZ except for a thar (maybe soon ?) but in Canterbury alone i have killed 10k rabbits among other pests. Think of the amount of money i have saved on pest control both to farmers and local and central government. I have done this at no cost to others, its cost me money in guns and ammo to do it but its my main hobby. (I have to admit the occasional gift of a sheep to kill and take home is awesome though). Now i say i have shot 10k bunnies, think of all the offspring they could have produced and add that into the equation. I have also shot many hare and those buggers can sure eat. Also allot of possums thus reducing TB risk in cattle.
    Hell i should be given a medal for keeping NZ green, instead i feel like I am being treated like a prospective criminal.


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