Raymond Mosley was just sentenced to four years and four months in jail by the Dunedin District Court. He posed as a glazier to break into the house of a Dunedin Pistol Club member in broad daylight.

Often when a criminal, who has stolen or misused guns, is sentenced to their pitiful penalty this is combined with other charges. Often drug sales or possession.

The Kiwi Gun Blog has been pulling teeth trying to get the judge’s permission in each case to separate these charges and their resulting penalties. Then we can all get a true picture of the price that criminals really pay for misusing guns in New Zealand.

We have just received the sentencing notes on the Mosley case. What do you think that he got for stealing 23 handguns, four military-style semi-automatics, one shot gun and thousands of rounds of ammunition from the Maitland Street property last October?

The judge recognized that:

“The offending can only be regarded as the most serious of its kind, introducing weapons including those of high-calibre, semi-automatic nature into the community.”

So what was the massive penalty?

Eighteen months for each gun offense. To be served – Concurrently.

The burglary charge ALONE had a maximum option of ten years. Now that is the top of a sliding scale for the severity of that offence. But could you think of a more serious burglary than the premeditated raid of an arsenal ?

There were fourteen gun charges – each with a potential penalty of four years. So fifty six years right there. If the Judge cared to use the option. But no. Those fifty six years become eighteen months.


Mosley was under intensive supervision for unlawfully possessing a sawn-off shotgun at the time of the burglary and had previous convictions for burglary.

Police had conducted a search warrant at his house and found that criminally modified weapon.

Only six weeks before.

He was in breach of a previous sentence for community work at the time.

He got a year’s ‘Intensive supervision’ for the sawn-off (Stolen?) shotgun. He broke those conditions as well.

Apparently ‘Intensive supervision’ did not include the Police acting on that.

But the Kiwi Gun Blog has also found a previous reported case of this man being found with drugs and illegal guns in 2009. Then we discovered that he had TWELVE gun or weapon offences between 1995 and last year.

Around ninety convictions all up – plus displaying utter contempt for any sentence handed down short of prison. How is such a threat still on our streets?

So once again…. A known criminal. With known gang connections. On supervision for previous arms offending. Perpetrates the most serious of offending. Then supplies our very worst organised crime gangs with arms. Then gets…. just eighteen months.

The Kiwi Gun Blog has already reported on the pathetic sentence handed down to one of the gang members caught with some of the stolen arms HERE.

Bet apparently we needed a Law and Order committee to determine that the issue here was us?


The Robbery

Raymond Mosley and an associate targeted the house after discovering that guns were held there. They posed as glaziers in a premeditated crime. The stolen guns were immediately on-sold to gangs including the Hells Angels and the Bandidos.

These ares are now a horrific and ongoing risk to the community.

The judge recognized that the robbery was intended to provide guns to sell to gangs. Twenty three of the restricted weapons are still in criminal hands.

The Crown prosecutor, Craig Power, said the stolen goods were worth nearly fifty thousand dollars on the legitimate market.

The judges wants Mosley to pay his half share of that. Being $14,220.90.

Hmmm. That must be some special judge math.

A list containing details of 80 pistol club members was also taken in the burglary. More significant threat to the community.

According to media – ‘Mosley had some 11 pages of offences, including aggravated robbery, drugs, firearms and burglary’.

Judge Crosbie said that Mosley had let himself down.

Oh – the Judge noted that he didn’t believe the offender to be a ‘recidivist’ burglar because there were gaps between his vast history of offending. You just cant make it up.

Where is the Media Now?

The original robbery was front page news. All the usual suspects were out calling for more gun control. The Police Union. The academics. The editor’s opinion pieces.

So where are they when it is time to cover the sentencing of those responsible?

Barely gets a mention in a local paper.

The Others Involved

The Kiwi Gun Blog can not reference the other parties involved in the robbery yet as the matter is still before the courts.


Mosley admitted contacting a 25-year-old Dunedin woman about storing a pistol at her Caversham home.

Police later found the weapon there along with nearly 100 rounds of ammunition and a scope.

That woman, Jessica Brockie, was sentenced today. The details will be in the ODT paper tomorrow.

But the Kiwi Gun Blog can tell you now that she got – drum roll – 3 months community detention. So… a bit of a curfew really. That will teach her!

Another Concern

From Radio New Zealand:

A Dunedin judge has warned people with firearms to keep them safe after a man broke into a gun club member’s home and stole 28 guns and 25,000 rounds of ammunition from unlocked cabinets.

OR… You could actually hand down a sentence that would deter them.

Just a thought Your Honour.

But this is what he actually said:

“I hope that legitimate owners of firearms take a lesson away from this, not only about safety and security of firearms, but also the volume that are stored in residential settings”.

Did you catch that? Now we have a judge talking about limiting the number of arms held by this club armorer. Or any of us.

So first the system leaves this criminal on the street to commit this offence. Then hands down a piss weak sentence that will encourage others to do the same. Then the judge blames the victim and gives the tyrannical left support for their wanting limits to the number of guns a kiwi can own.

We know know the real issue here.

Share it with your MP!

Below is a snippet of the Judge’s statement to the offender during sentencing. If only he had honored his own words:


In reality the Judge gave the offender a 25% reduction in sentence for a guilty plea and some more off for remorse. That off an already pitiful sentence.