The World Masters Games has just kicked off in Auckland. The Kiwi Gun Blog heard a whisper that many of the shooting events had to be cancelled this year due to a lack of facilities.

We contacted the local games organisers to confirm this. They promised to get back to us with confirmation. They did not.

When the Blog checked out their website, we could only find trap events offered.

So The Kiwi Gun Blog contacted the hosts of the last games and can now confirm that these were the events run:

M = Men W = Women

Clay     Trap M/W, Dbl Trap M, Universal Trench M/W, Skeet M/W

            Pro Excellence/First & National Team appearance

            Amateur All Others

            Ages 30+, 40+, 50+, 60+

Rifle     10M Air M/W, 50M Rifle M/W, 50M 3 pos, M/W

            Pistol   10M Air M/W, 25M Pistol W, 25M Center Fire Pistol M, 25M Std. Pistol M, 25M Radid Fire Pistol M,, 50M Pistol M

            Ages 30+, 50+, 70+

In the Auckland games shooters only have a choice of Clay Target.

No rifle or pistol.

The competition details are HERE.


So it would appear that this cancelling of events is indeed the case.

How embarrassing that our nation’s biggest city, in a nation of a quarter of a million shooters, can not even host guests due to our lack of facilities.

The next New Zealand masters games will be in Dunedin. We hope that they fare better.

The Commonwealth Games

In a coincidence, the Kiwi Gun Blog had also recently contacted the organisation responsible for our Commonwealth and Olympic games affairs.

We asked if New Zealand were to host either games today – would there be appropriate venues for the shooting competitions?

They ignored our correspondence.

You may wish to ask as well:

The New Zealand Olympic Committee represents both the Olympic and Commonwealth Games Movements in New Zealand.

As many readers will know, the last purpose built shooting center for a games was lost to shooters in 2008 when the Army reclaimed the land it was on.

Shooters need to expect better than this.

If you agree then please email the Minister of Sport:

Jonathan Coleman:

Also Sports NZ: