Oh look…

From the NZ Police Union Magazine.

More lies and deception. 

Its one thing for them to lie to the public – but now they lie to their own membership?

Someone is Feeling Defensive

police mag

We are pretty sure that this is the President, Cahill, writing to his own magazine. 

He seems to be the only one to have an issue with Pistol shooting in New Zealand.

The Lies

Well… Now we know where the media get the ridiculous term ‘Military grade’ firearm from. What an earth is one of those? Something from a lowest bidder?

As for the power of a modern military cartridge…. Anyone who knows anything about shooting knows that modern military arms fire an ‘Intermediate’ cartridge. Of intermediate range and power.

To suggest that these are some how more deadly than a common sporting rifle is the height of ignorance. Yet the union speaks of civilians owning ‘Military calibers’ as if this is an issue? They are living in the distant, distant past with this thinking.

When did some European nations ban civilians from owning military calibers in current use? France and Spain? They were a laughing stock to the rest of the shooting world. This warped thinking died a death several decades ago.

The letter then goes on to invent an issue with the sport of pistol shooting in New Zealand. Not for the first time either. Is this the next target of the Police Union? How will this sport be ‘Balanced’?

It also avoids addressing ANY of the concerns raised by shooters at the extra legal abuses of Police involved in management of the Arms Act. Instead the ‘Letter’ simply lies about the cause. Extraordinary.

The letter does the same for complaints to the Independent Police Complaints Authority. This writer personally wrote to complain about how unsafe the Police stations were when shooters needed to produce weapons for their arms officer.

I didn’t complain about burglary prevention. I was trying to prevent burglary by the criminals who followed me home from the Police station.

Oh and now apparently ‘Domestically stored firearms’ are a thing? Would the Police association prefer a central armory?

Did they seriously suggest that MSSAs can be delivered to the country with no note being made of the serial numbers? Wow. Customs will be interested to know this. Oh and the Police who check and record all the guns entering as well. Utter fear-mongering.

This ‘Long range’ target shooting appears a real problem doesn’t it? The Police Union concern must be a result of all the sniper murders that New Zealand has suffered. Never. Even so – it looks like these shooters need a ‘Balancing’ as well.

What extraordinary deceit. Stuart Nash would be proud.

The Biggest Lie

It appears as if the Police Union now have their sights set on long range shooters. The letter claims that the 1983 act could not imagine kiwi shooters investing in expensive rifles that would shoot out to a kilometer.

Except for the Ballinger Belt  contest. The one we have been holding since 1861. It is the oldest sporting trophy competed for in New Zealand. So… Our legislators did not have to imagine such a sporting interest as it had already been established for 122 years.

The NRA are also holding the Long Range World championships in New Zealand in 2019. Contrary to another statement in the ‘Letter’ – it is indeed common for people around the world to enjoy this sport.

Check out the video HERE

Also a Labour Party rat about twenty seconds in… Chris Hipkins. The same prick who wanted to ban gun advertising and told Parliament “I am not a large fan of firearms” and “I would not like to see us changing the law in any way that made it more likely for people to own firearms”.

The Kiwi Gun Blog have asked the Police for a list of sniper murders in New Zealand since the 1861 contest began.

Anything over 100 meters. Stay tuned.