From the Police Minister, Paula Bennet:

“I’ve invited Geoff Thomas and Nicole McKee to provide independent advice on the twenty recommendations proposed by the Select Committee’s report on illegal firearms.

Geoff is a well respected recreational hunter and has worked professionally in the outdoors field for more than 40 years. Nicole has been a representative shooter and is actively engaged in the firearms community, including assessing Police firearms instructors and Range Officer courses.

They’ll advise how individual recommendations would play out in practice in different situations, be a conduit for the views and concerns of licenced firearms owners, make suggestions based on their experience to improve our response to the report.

We’re setting up a distinct email address for the advisors that you can use to contact if you need to get in touch:

The email address is:

One of the Deputy Prime Minister’s independent firearms advisor Nicole McKee has released this short introduction video of herself to the firearms community.

The Blog has heard nothing but positive things about this lady so our hopes are high that the Minister will receive top advice.

Geoff Thomas is a well known sportsman from his television appearances.


Please take the time to send these advisers an email.

Let them know your views on the Select Committee’s recommendations.


Shooters Losing Patience

The Kiwi Gun Blog are still hopeful about this process and that it may result in the committee’s recommendations being dumped. But nothing else will be accepted and shooters are becoming tired of the delay game.


So one last push with the Minister team. Then the ball is in her court. If she chooses to do anything less than reject the insane suggestions on offer – with prejudice and well before the election then NZ First are going to do VERY well come the day.