The Kiwi Gun Blog would like to thanks John Herbert for the following report presented on the NZ Service Rifle Association page today.

I attended a Firearms Community Advisory Forum meeting yesterday and the purpose was to discuss the Select Committee’s report on illegal firearms. The one clear thing to emerge from the meeting is that Police fully support EVERY recommendation.

They realise as we discussed this that quite a few of the report’s recommendations would be hard to sell to both the Politicians and the general public but I can assure you Police have a positive spin on every recommendation and there was not one of the recommendations they thought could not help them. They truly believe all this is good, fair and reasonable.

Minister Bennett and other politicians are already starting to see the limitations of many of the recommendations but make no mistake Police will fight for everyone one of them to become law.

We need to raise our profile and our voices and send as much polite but firmly worded correspondence to the Ministers, including the likes of Stuart Nash so that are aware of the potential pitfalls.

Some thoughts:

Costs: If compliance is onerous people will opt out and this will create grey guns that eventually end up in the wrong hands.The budget to get much of this over the line is high and Police will look to claw it back off us.

Trust: NZ Firearms owners have low levels of trust for the Police and this again will impact compliance if the terms of compliance are too overbearing. As a Nation we value trust, transparency and integrity. The way Police have manage firearms over the last decade or so demonstrates none of these core attributes.

The report was about stopping Gangs and by default criminals getting guns, ask politicians how this will actually work in the real world, the Police were light on answers regarding many of the points so there is obviously still room for the TRUTH to actually get a fair hearing.

Many of the recommendations have a tenuous at best connection to the goal of the keeping firearms out of criminals hands. Remind the Politicians of this with as many examples as you can. The Police anwers are broad and undefined make yours specific and targeted.

Find 3 friends who have not sent a letter/email to a minister and ask for their support.

John Herbert
New Zealand Service Rifle Association


No More Doubt

Well there we have it. The Blog have shown you previous clues in correspondence that suggested the Police were working with the Police Association towards these tyrannical ends.

But now they have apparently dropped any pretense of “Their views are not necessarily those of the Police”. This insanity is coming FROM the Police. They are not merely advising politicians on the suggestions of others.

What is the Firearms Community Advisory Forum?

From the NZ Police Website:

New Zealand Police has established a Firearms Community Advisory Forum to act in a consultative and advisory capacity to Police.The purpose of the Forum is to:

  • provide a formal mechanism for representatives from the firearms community to input to the Police on policy relating to the Arms Act 1983 or the Arms Regulations 1992; and
  • review and make recommendations for consideration by Police on firearms-related matters.

Membership of the Forum comprises both Police employees and non-Police employees. The non-Police members were selected for their:

  • broad skills, knowledge and understanding of firearms and issues/legislation relating to firearms
  • relevant practical experience and networks within the firearms community
  • ability to represent a diversity of perspectives within the firearms community
  • personal attributes and ability to work constructively with, and make a contribution to the Forum
  • being a representative of an incorporated group (who can represent the views of the group rather than their individual view).

Forum meetings will only take place when Police is dealing with specific policy issues relating to the administration of the Arms Act. Police anticipates the Forum will meet one or two times a year.Minutes from Forum meetings will be published on this website. Any recommendations the Forum makes will also be published. As the Forum is a consultative and advisory body, any recommendations will be considered by Police but they will not be binding. 

The reality has proven very different. Police simply announce their mad plans and then ignore any and all feedback.

New Zealand MUST see an Arms Oversight Authority to monitor Police abuses. It has now become all to apparent that this ‘Forum’ was only ever window dressing.