Earlier this year a new gun safety organisation was established.

Firearms safety, shooting and other organisations concerned about community safety with firearms combined to form the Firearms Safety Council of Aotearoa New Zealand.

The wide-ranging membership of the newly formed body demonstrates the deeply held value that our shooting organisations have for community level firearms safety.

Interim Chair of the Firearms Safety Council, retired Police Inspector Mr Joe Green said that that the Council grew out of a growing concern by these organisations that the firearms safety of communities was at risk.

‘We see highly skilled and motivated volunteer firearms experts delivering safety training to firearms licence applicants and others’ Green said. ‘However they are no longer trained, qualified or moderated by anyone’.

‘The Firearms Safety Council aims to address this through established national networks of firearms users and others who have safety at heart’.

One of the key objectives of the Council is to provide advice to government agencies and other organisations, such as the media, on firearms safety related matters.

‘Central to this objective is representation on the Police Firearms Advisory Forum’, Mr Green said.

The membership of the Firearms Safety Council indicates its far reaching, national and international reach. It includes:

The NZ Deerstalkers Association

Pistol NZ

NZ Shooting Federation

NZ Pig Hunters Association

Sporting Shooters Association of NZ

NZ Sporting Industry Association

Antique and Historical Arms Association

Federated Mountain Clubs

Target Shooting NZ

Firearms Safety Specialists NZ Ltd

NZ Black Powder Shooting Federation

NZ Service Rifle Association

Rural Women NZ

Safari Club International (NZ)

FSCANZ intends to become the authoritative voice for firearms safety. It’s about shooting organisations taking ownership of firearms safety – as they did with range standards in the early 2000s.

The Kiwi Gun Blog thanks this team for their efforts .

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Oh Look…

In a February interview with Newstalk ZB this brief written story appeared on the station’s website:

A new council is locked-and-loaded to take on firearm safety.

The Firearms Safety Council has been formed to improve firearms safety at grass-roots level.

It will work with police to better prepare firearm licence applicants.

Interim Chair Joe Green said it will do this by assisting, training and moderating those who train applicants.

Mr Green hopes the group will provide much-needed help to the firearms community.

“What I am concerned about is the licensing regime does not appear to be operating with the efficiency, and possibly with the effectiveness, that it could.”

It’s estimated there are around one thousand civilian owned guns in New Zealand.


One thousand guns are owned by the quarter of a million shooters in New Zealand?


We at the Kiwi Gun Blog never tire of the relentless attention to detail with which our media report the issues surrounding arms. Good effort team. You were only out by a million.

The Blog has contacted the station about a correction.