The Haywards Pistol Club have sent the following email to all pistol clubs.


Haywards Pistol Club Inc.

Proposal for Pistol New Zealand (PNZ) to review their interactions with NZ Police.

The Haywards Pistol Club Inc. request all clubs to support us in requiring PNZ to:-

(a) Enter into direct negotiations with the Minister of Police on all firearms policy matters, especially those coming out of the Law and Order Select Committee report involving development of, or changes to, Police policy. We have no difficulty with PNZ continuing to deal directly with local police on local matters affecting members, but require policy development issues to be addressed at a much higher level.

It is obvious from the minutes of the Firearms Community Advisory Forum that PNZ’s input to the forum, in spite of the President’s claim to have participated vigorously, has been singularly ineffective. The Police have still come up with an aggressive attack on licenced firearms owners in response to the Law and Order Select Committee addressing the Illegal Possession of Firearms. If the shooting organisations have been effective in consulting with the Police, the recommendations of the Committee should not have attempted to impose meaningless impositions on law abiding shooters, while not taking any steps to deter criminals by increasing, or even considering, severe penalties for criminal use of firearms. Nothing in the Select Committee report addresses their terms of reference to determine how criminals are obtaining firearms, the magnitude of the problem if it exists and propose effective solutions that are not purely to the detriment of the law abiding owners. These topics should have been addressed by, or at the very least, presented to the forum for discussion and consultation, instead of Police making secret reports to the Select Committee which legally must be highly questionable.

(b) Become effective in participating in the Firearms Community advisory Forum, by insisting on meaningful consultation with the Police, instead of passively accepting Police proposals as an agreed position of the forum. The other members of the forum should also be called to account for allowing the Police to ride rough-shod over the basic concepts of realistic consultation. The Police have been abusing the forum, by presenting and acting on their own internal views as being the decisions of the forum.

We also request that all clubs:

-(a) Support COLFO’s stand against Police manipulation of Policy, penalising law-abiding licence holders while not doing anything to penalise criminals misusing firearms and stealing and illegally importing firearms and ammunition, as detailed in their review of the report from the Select Committee.

-(b) Support the NZ Licenced Firearms Dealers in their legal challenge against Police, in securing Nick Taylor to file a series of Judicial Reviews to address the most invidious attacks on legal users of firearms. Contribute to the Trust Fund, if you can.

-(c) Propose that all clubs who derive income from Police use of their ranges for
training purposes, follow the lead of the Wairarapa Club in contributing the
income to the Trust Fund to finance the litigation to be conducted by Nick Taylor,
Barrister. The first choice to really hammer home to the Police and Minister
would be for all clubs to deny police access to their ranges for training. If that is
not totally possible, to at least limit access and donate the funds to the Trust

-(d) Propose that all clubs, and individual members if they so desire, write to or email their MP, as well as the Minister of Police, supporting COLFO’s stand.



Please contact the club with your support:

Pistol Shooters:

Please make your views known to your committee and force the issue to the fore.

YOU are under attack NOW.

Its time that NZ Pistol Association Policy reflects this.

Please also let the executive know what you think:


 FOUNZ have just reported that Levin Pistol Club will also be joining Wairarapa and Haywards pistol clubs.

Well Done team!