The Kiwi Gun Blog has already reported that there are currently 4272 expired gun licenses that the NZ Police are failing to take any real action on.

But that is under the new system.

The Blog also asked the Police how many shooters failed to re-license from the OLD lifetime license to the subsequent ten yearly system.

Secondly, how many of these shooters had been followed up on to determine that their weapons had been safely disposed of?

Well we received a response today. A couple of months past the deadline for an Official Information Act request but still a response. Kind off.

Police Have No Idea How Many Missing License Holders There Are

The NZ Police have no idea how many shooters failed to re-license themselves under the 1992 Amendment Bill system. There are some paper records apparently, nothing digital. It was a ‘Bespoke project’.

A list of shooters who simply ignored the betrayal were sent to the Arms Officers in the various districts for follow up. The result of that work is unknown.

How Many Missing Shooters Are There?

The Kiwi Gun Blog understands that there were 327,000 licensed kiwi shooters in 1991.

Now there are 240,000?

How many of those missing ninety thousand shooters are now unaccounted for and could be an issue?

Remember the Jan Molenaar case?

In 2009 the NZ Herald wrote:

“A law change could help mop up 30,000 owners yet to be checked (out of 55,000) who didn’t renew when 10-year licences replaced lifetime licences.

Jan Molenaar, who in May shot dead senior constable Len Snee, was among the 30,000 not checked”.

Strange that the Herald seem to have better numbers than the NZ Police.

That they presumably got from the Police.

That the Police now no longer have.

The Joke

So the Police and their Union are now actually pushing for the pointless registration of ammunition sales. Only one of an insane wish list of tyrannical new controls.

Yet they let THOUSANDS of expired licenses go unchecked. 

Yet they have no idea how many THOUSANDS of shooters simply ignored a major law change 25 years ago.

Surely a quarter century is long enough to do some follow up.