It is time to remove all doubt as to whether the entire leadership of the NZ Police Association is out to get shooters – or just their Presidents.

So the Kiwi Gun Blog has written an open letter to the leadership to express our concerns. The concerns shared by many, many shooters.

Soon we know whether or not it is official Police Union policy to savage shooter’s rights. Or we will see the Association vote out their current President not just for ‘No confidence’ but for bringing the entire Association into disrepute. For shattering its credibility.

Worst of all, for driving a wedge between the serving Police and 250,000 of their strongest supporters. 

The Police Union Management Structure

The current President of the NZ Police Association is Chris Cahill.

The Chief Executive / National Secretary is Heather Verry.

The current Vice-Presidents are:

  • Senior Sergeant Craig Tickelpenny, Wellington
  • Senior Sergeant Luke Shadbolt, Hawke’s Bay

The current members of the Association Board of Directors are the vice presidents above and:

  • Anthony (Jug) Price (Region 1 – Waitemata and Northland)
  • Emiel Logan (Region 2 – Auckland and Counties Manukau)
  • Scott Thompson (Region 3 – Waikato and Bay of Plenty)
  • Paul Ormerod (Region 4 – Eastern and Central)
  • Pat (Patrick) Thomas (Region 5 – Wellington)
  • Mike McRandle (Region 6 – Tasman and Canterbury)
  • Mike Thomas (Region 7 – Southern)

Dear Police…

Dear Sir,

I am writing to you to express my concern at the actions of your Association’s president, Chris Cahill.

Credit where it is due, the man has done a tremendous amount of damage considering his short tenure in office thus far… Let’s look at some of his efforts:

When Cahill told the Otago Daily times that 20,000 guns are stolen in New Zealand every year, that paper then had to apologise in it’s editorial. Because that figure is out by about 20,000. So – The Police Association lost credibility and trust.

Likewise when Radio New Zealand had to correct their reporting when they also trusted him on this figure. The Police Association lost credibility and trust.

When Cahill went on the ‘Good Morning’ television show and claimed that a gun license is not required to purchase ammunition in New Zealand – he lied. When he then told viewers that security was not checked for those getting a gun license – he lied.

When that station received the host of formal complaints that resulted – The Police Association lost credibility and trust.

Cahill then went to media and claimed that semi-automatic weapons can easily be converted into machineguns – for gangs. Of course they cannot. The Police themselves inspect every rifle that enters the nation to ensure that it is not capable of this.

I have asked the Police to provide details of a single case of this ever happening. They have yet to do so. Again – The Police Association lost credibility and trust.

Cahill then took to the media to claim that semi-automatics had no place in sport. Fish and Game came out strongly against the Police Association lies on Radio NZ’s Rural Report.

Federated Farmers also called out the nonsense in the Herald. Confirming that such arms are actually the most popular. They have been in sporting use since the eighteen hundreds. The result – The Police Association lost credibility and trust.

Also now succeeding in alienating even more lawful citizens by the thousand.

Cahill has told both the media and the Law and Order committee that gun crime is on the rise. Police figures make a lie of this.

The number of New Zealand firearm homicides has not risen in the last twenty years. Despite the population rising. Despite the number of guns in the nation rising. Despite the number of licenced gun owners rising.

The ‘Annual Apprehensions for Crimes Involving Firearms’ numbers have also not risen in twenty years. Nor has manslaughter. Not in twenty years.

What about the number of times that our Police officers have been assaulted with a firearm? Nope. No increase for the last twenty years. So – The Police Association again lost credibility and trust.

Cahill has partnered with the rabidly anti gunsport Professor Alexander Gillespie. Another proven liar. This ‘Academic’ has the media saying that New Zealand shooters have lost 100,000 rifles. Supposedly 10% of our guns have simply vanished.

Police make a mockery of this claim as no data is held. This is pure invention. Yet in their submission to the Law and Order committee your president even tried to insert this fraudster into any future body controlling gun law. So – The Police Association lost credibility and trust.

In the association’s 57 point submission to the Law and Order committee considering how to stop criminals from getting guns – team Cahill didn’t mention punishing criminals ONCE. Not once.

Not one single time in 19 pages. Just a tyrant’s wish list of ways to screw lawful, Police supporting shooters. So – The Police Association lost credibility and trust.

In that same submission his leadership called for lawful gun owners to be subject to dawn raids in unannounced ‘Checks’. Giving us less rights than criminals. He also complaining that shooters were winning court cases against Police abuses:


Read that again. Your association is now on record as recommending that lawful shooters lose the right to seek justice in court! So – The Police Association lost credibility and trust.

On and on. Relentless attacks. Slander in the media and deceitful manipulation of our lawmakers. To what end? All you are achieving is alienating your members from the 250,000 licenced shooters who used to support them.

I say ‘Used to’ because Cahill’s plan is working. Police are being banned from shooting ranges. The excuse of “It’s the bosses” isn’t flying anymore. Shooters are seeing their Police as the enemy and that makes me fucking sad. Cahill shrugs it off.

Then he doubles down and lies to the membership.

Cahill now has his sights set on long range shooters. So he tells your members that the 1983 Arms Act could not imagine kiwi shooters investing in expensive rifles that would shoot out to a kilometer.

Except for the Ballinger Belt contest. The one we have been holding since 1861. It is the oldest sporting trophy competed for in New Zealand. So… Our legislators did not have to imagine such a sporting interest as it had already been established for 122 years.

I don’t believe that we have ever suffered a long range gun crime in all that time. But – remember to panic!

He lies again about shooter’s complaints to the Independent Police Complaints Authority. This writer personally wrote to complain about how unsafe the Police stations were when shooters needed to produce weapons for their arms officer. In front of criminals.

We didn’t complain about ‘burglary prevention’ as he claims. I was personally trying to prevent burglary by the criminals who can simply follow me home from the Police station.

Among still more lies he claims that MSSA rifles can be delivered to the country with no note being made of their serial numbers. Customs will be interested to know this. Oh and the Police who check and record all the guns entering as well.

Utter deceit and fear-mongering.

He is shameless in his lies to politicians, the media and now YOU. Enough is enough.

So please – fire this guy. Vote him out for lack of confidence. Stop the damage. Stop him sowing confusion and fear and crying wolf. Stop him burning your credibility to the ground.

Then work WITH shooters to enact new laws that keep society safe and protect the cops who guard us.

We all know where the real problem lies. Criminals use weapons for three reasons. Because they want them. Because they can afford to act on that desire and because they have no fear of acting on that desire.

All legislation can do to counter this issue is to target that last factor.

Yet a recent offenders was caught with an AK47 and pistols – gets community work.

A woman just caught with a stolen pistol – gets a curfew.

A man (In breach of his last non custodial sentence) is found with a sawn off shotgun – gets ‘Supervision’. Only to steal an armory of guns for gangs six weeks later.

The very worst firearm offenders get pennies on the dollar time – for penalties that were already weak at best.

Let’s examine three recent cases to remove all doubt of where the real problem here can be found. Firstly a man is sentenced to his fifty fifth prison term. Not conviction – but prison term. This latest is for being found with a stolen, sawn off shotgun. Kept for crime.

The judge comments that the offender has been convicted of the same thing in the past, on two occasions. He will still only serve around a year in jail.

Another man provided guns to a gang and staged a burglary to cover his despicable actions. By the time the judge handed down his sentence it was known that one of his guns had shot at cops. Another had shot a cop. Another had taken a life. Others were found in the hands of our worst gangsters. He also only spent around a year in prison.

Another man was just found to have a stockpile of illegal arms, with his marijuana grow room. He had sawn off shotguns and pistols with no sights – close range assassination tools. He had an Ak47 type weapon with loaded magazines but no stock. So it could be concealed but not aimed and was now suitable only for a drive by murder. His penalty – community work.

Similar examples are many and they are consistent enough to send a message to our criminals. It has been heard. As it stands now our criminals have no fear of stealing guns. No fear of providing guns to criminals. No fear of possessing illegal guns. No fear of using guns in crime. Why would they?

So the only aspect of the trinity responsible for gun crime that we can effect – Instilling fear to act on the criminal’s desire to use guns – we have chosen not to.

Sure there are other areas of concern. Police have given gun licences to criminals with fifty three previous serious convictions in Australia – because they don’t data match. One went on to give gangs $50,000 worth of criminally modified guns.

Our courts have found that being in a gang is not a reason to lose that gun licence.

Criminals have simply made their own gun licenses. Then forged Police registration paperwork. Then purchased restricted guns. Such is their contempt for our laws.

According to the Law and Order committee report – nearly thirty gang members have Gun Licenses. Insane. Cahill suggests punishing 250,000 shooters in the hope of stopping outlaws getting guns – while simply letting those same outlaws go shopping.

The law says that organised crime members are not ‘Fit and Proper’ people. So can’t have a gun license. How has this happened?

Judges even REWARD criminals for the illegal possession of guns. If offenders are caught with a large quantity of drugs, they give sentence discounts for “Helping to get guns off the streets”.

Thousands of Shooters Have Lapsed Firearm Licenses – With No Police Action Taken. As of the 27th of February 2017 its 4272. But Cahill wants MORE laws even when the Police ignore their existing obligations.

Police keep no records of our guns that are reported stolen. The current police registration system is known to be inaccurate but they have never done an audit – ever. But these are all really more symptoms than cause of our ills.

So why doesn’t the Police Association join shooters in demanding mandatory minimum, non-parole sentencing for the serious abuse of guns in New Zealand? Five years for anyone who steals a gun, possesses a gun for crime, uses a gun in crime or supplies a gun to be used in crime. Mixing as required.

They get the message or they get the time. Win – win.

Or…. The Police Association can continue its policy of slandering responsible firearm owners in the media. The Union can push for ever more tyrannical law changes that effect everyone BUT the criminal.

The Association can continue to lose support from a quarter of a million kiwi shooters.

But that would be madness.

So pretty please, with sugar on top, vote out your idiot President for doing such damage.

We should be working together here. Anything else is silly.

Thank you very much for reading my thoughts and hopefully considering them.

Be safe,

The Kiwi Gun Blog

P.S. We suggested that ‘Punish the criminal’ thing to Cahill – but he didn’t even have the courtesy to respond.

Make your opinions heard as well:

Here are the email addresses for the Police Union management.

We are aware that shooters writing to Cahill have been ignored. He has ignored us as well.

But those he reports too may be more receptive to our concerns.

Shooters in the Police

It is time to really make your voices heard as well guys.

Many of you have contacted us with your disgust at Cahill’s actions. But only internal action will remove the man.



So far the Kiwi Gun Blog has not received a single reply to our eleven emails.

If you or your association does, please let us know.