A concerned reader of the Kiwi Gun Blog has sent us these disturbing images from social media.

A Facebook profile shows a Black Power gang member posing images with drugs, alcohol, bladed weapons, a knuckle duster, cash, what appears to be an airgun, ammunition in multiple calibers and then a loaded firearm.

The loaded shotgun is seen with a chambered round in a dwelling.

Police Response

Our reader reported the page with his concerns to the Police district responsible.

Their reply:

“Yeah but the only illegal thing there is the cannabis. But obviously a strange fella. Have a good weekend. Jack”

Our reader then asked if a gang member using illegal drugs was considered a ‘fit and proper’ person by the Police. Considering that he had a loaded gun in a house.

Their response is still pending….

Our reader is disgusted that this is what our Police ‘Targeting gangs with guns’ looks like.

What do you think?


Waikato Police District

If you dont think that this is a good enough response you can email the Police responsible HERE.

Or the Police can just wait for them to kill someone and then blame us.

Not good enough.