Last year a leaked executive memo from the New Zealand Defence Force warned that a terror attack on home soil is “Not a matter of if, but when”. 

The “Personal Security – Keeping You Safe” message written by the Chief Security Officer said NZDF staff were especially vulnerable to terrorist groups who could strike anytime. 

“The worst thing you and I can do from now on is assume that it won’t happen to me. This normalcy bias is no longer appropriate when the definition of normal has changed for good and a false sense of security could in fact be deadly.”

The Threat

Jeffrey Sluka is a Massey University academic who specialises in political terrorism. He has also acknowledged to the media that there are young men living in New Zealand who had been indoctrinated by Isis.

Here are some recent incidents highlighting the problem:

  • Passports have been seized from people planning to travel to Syria to fight.
  • Up to 40 individuals are being actively monitored as terror threats.
  • Recently, Imran Patel, a 26-year-old from Auckland, was jailed for three years after pleading guilty to possessing, making and distributing extremist video footage of people being beheaded and burned alive.
  • In a separate incident, an Isis sympathiser, Niroshan Nawarajan, was sentenced to five months on home detention for possessing extremist publications. The 27-year-old was arrested after walking into the United States consulate in Auckland and asking if the building was “bomb-proof”.
  • 12 New Zealand women who have gone to Islamic State-controlled areas in Syria and Iraq in the last 12 months to become jihadi brides.


Islamic terrorists have struck at innocents all around the world with such regularity that many simply consider their horrors the ‘New reality’. They have used planes and bombs and trucks and knives and guns.

But what would be the government’s response to a terror event here with guns?

The Police Association are pushing for bans, so are the Greens and Labour and they only need apathy from shooters or an outcry from the public to achieve their goals.

The bottom line is that an act of terror in New Zealand could lead to rapid changes in firearm legislation. So we can NOT allow political correctness to threaten either our people or our rights. If there is an issue here then it must be looked in the eye.

If anything reasonable can be done to prevent such an atrocity here – that action must be taken.


Is the SIS Watching Terrorists Arm Up?

The Kiwi Gun Blog has made an Official Information Act request to the SIS and the Minister responsible for the service, Chris Finlayson. We asked if anyone with a New Zealand firearms license has been investigated for links to terrorism in New Zealand.

Further, if there was any evidence of a person of concern applying for a gun license.

We were all horrified to learn that thirty known gang members had gun licenses in New Zealand. With apparent inaction from the Police.

Could this also be the case with terror suspects?

The SIS refused to answer the question.

They claimed that saying if anyone on the counter terrorism risk register had applied for a gun license would ‘Prejudice security’. Even without naming anyone.

So they could be watching people arm up – legally – for the incident that could kill kiwis and lead to near instant gun bans.

We need an official policy that any links to terror groups disqualifies a person as being ‘Fit and proper’ to possess a New Zealand gun license. 

Yes – such a policy may be open to abuse. But we would rather that an innocent person had to go to court on appeal than kiwis die.

The Blog also asked the Minister of Justice, Amy Adams, if it was a special offense to supply a firearm to a terrorist organisation or for a terrorist act. Or if this was just treated as providing a gun to someone without a license.

She has yet to reply.


“The SIS is warning that the 40 people on a terror watch-list in New Zealand have become more determined and capable since recent European attacks”.

The Elephant in the Room

There are around fifty thousand Muslims in New Zealand and growing.

Islamic extremism kills 500 humans a month but the left are correct when they point out that only a tiny number of Muslims will murder in the name of their faith. One in a thousand they say. Judging by the number in New Zealand and the number on the watch-list – that looks about right.

What if ONE of them slips through the net and acts with a gun?

The blog does not want to appear insensitive here but the facts are in. Illegal guns were found hidden in Mosques in Germany, Greece, France, London and elsewhere. These communities also enabled attacks and assisted the perpetrators after the act.

There IS an issue here. The threat has come to New Zealand and it needs to be discussed.

The single person blocked from the Kiwi Gun Blog’s Facebook page could not even accept our questioning Muslim women being able to wear a veil for their gun license image. The  strange man went as far as registering fake profiles to keep trolling us on the subject.

This needs to be discussed openly and without intimidation from SJW bullies.


Professor Greg Barton of Deakin University, one of Australia’s leading scholars on terrorism and violent extremism, said it was inevitable that Islamic State recruitment would reach New Zealand.

The organisation was spreading rapidly throughout the world through social networks and was causing serious problems in Australia.

He told the media that: Radical Islam will come to New Zealand “soon enough” and New Zealand should prepare for its arrival.

The Police Association Are Expecting a ‘Religious Attack’

The Police Association raised the matter only a few months ago when speaking to Newstalk ZB. Then Police Association president Greg O’Connor and law professor Al Gillespie were doing the media rounds about urging a certain Parliamentary select committee to launch a register for firearms.

“Mr O’Connor told Larry Williams New Zealand shouldn’t have to wait until it faces a right-wing or religious shooting, to change the law”.

They claimed that such a register “…would prevent the illegal possession and trade of firearms, and stockpiling of military assault-grade weapons”.

So the deceitful Police Union is already raising the issue of terrorism as another reason to punish the lawful. While the nation continues to admit high risk migrants.

harun6 (1).png

A Recent Case

Just over a year ago the media publicized the Facebook page of an Auckland man. The images there showed him posing with an Islamic State flag – while holding an AK47-style rifle. He spoke of his role in a holy war.

At this time the Police refused to comment. Saying that Harun Abdul-Majeed SaifuAllah’s profile was a “security matter”. The Facebook page was soon disabled. But such attitudes remain.

Mr SaifuAllah, then 23, told the Herald that he “100 per cent” supported the views and actions of Islamic State. Oh he changed his name a few years before from William Ringo Ratapu-Howard.

Mr SaifuAllah said he converted to Islam at this time to escape his life of drugs and crime. “I was in Black Power. I couldn’t see my life going anywhere, I was having a bad life, I was a gang member.”

It is very common around the world for Islam to recruit from the prison population.

He said the Government had confiscated his passport, stopping him travelling to Sydney  where he planned to marry his Lebanese fiancée. He had been repeatedly questioned by the SIS about his beliefs.

“I stand by my views 100 per cent.”

Herald: Mr SaifuAllah who has also used the surname Curtis and says he is actor Cliff Curtis’ nephew, said there is a network of other young men in New Zealand who hold the same beliefs as him.

Mr SaifuAllah has multiple photos and comments on his Facebook page professing allegiance to the terrorist group.

His photos are captioned with war cries and comments made this week spoke of his role in a holy war fought so “one day Islam will dominate everything that the sun sets on”.

He has images of the Islamic State flag and other propaganda from the terrorist group.

The Kiwi Gun Blog has asked the Police Minister:

1. What charges he faced for threatening with the firearm.

2. If the gun was legally owned – was he stripped of his license?

3 If the gun was not legally owned – did he face charges of unlawful possession?

4. Where is the weapon now?

This assumes that the weapon was real and not a replica. The man claimed to look forward to a confrontation with authorities so it would seem so.


So what can we do?

Push for zero tolerance for any person of interest known to have guns.

The Kiwi Gun Blog is about protecting the rights of shooters, not attacking them. But if you have connections to terror groups then you are no longer a ‘Fit and proper person’. If the SIS or the Police get it wrong – go to court.

We take guns off those involved in alleged domestic disturbances, surely we can extend that to terror suspects as a matter of course?

It would also be interesting to know how many of those on the terror watch list were born here. If the threats are presenting from the same areas – this needs to be addressed. Honestly.

The Hegelian Dialectic

This is an interpretive method in which the contradiction between a proposition (thesis) and its antithesis is resolved at a higher level of truth (synthesis).

But it is also a system used to manipulate the public. A government will either create or simply allow a situation to develop through inaction. That will then have a consequence and result in the need to act in response.

The ‘Solution’ is then offered. This was in fact the original goal of the proceedings. But what the public would never have accepted before – they now ask for. Or accept the need for.

Just thought that we would mention that…..

No reason.



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