Greg O’Connor is having a public meeting at the Johnsonville Community Centre on Wednesday night at 730pm.

The address is: 3 Frankmoore Ave.

Local shooters should attend and let the man know your views.

Police Union Rat

Few people have done more to slander the good name of responsible kiwi sport shooting that this man.

The Police Commissioner has confirmed that guns were involved only in only 1.3% of the nation’s violent crime. But O’Connor started the faked Police Union record keeping that would then be used to mislead Parliament and the media.

The then Police Association president was also cited as the reason that du Plessis-Allan staged the ‘Gun without a license’ scam.

But he was then “…unable to name a single case in which a firearm was bought using the same “loophole”. He said he was aware of it “anecdotally” 


He actually congratulated these people on their fraud. Including posing as a Police officer.

He then went out lying about guns till the very last.


Upon his retirement last year, O’Connor denied that he was considering a career in politics. A few months later he confirmed he was seeking the Labour Party nomination for the seat of Ōhariu.

On 12 February it was revealed that O’Connor had won the Labour nomination for that electorate. So in the 2017 election he will challenge the incumbent Peter Dunne of United Future.

O’Connor was also ranked 40th on Labour’s party list for the coming election.

The rat then did a U turn on accepting electorate deals. Agreeing that the Greens would withdraw to give him a rigged game and a sure win. UNLESS National also pulls out their candidate – who does nothing but split the conservative vote.

It looks as if they may not.

In the past the Greens have called this man “an apologist for Police thuggery”. But now they are happy to support him if it means furthering their agenda.

This dangerous liar can NOT get into Parliament!

Attend the Meeting

If you are a local shooter, please try to attend. Ask some questions and film it.

Be respectful but firm.

Ask why he would not support mandatory penalties for the worst gun abuse – when heading the Police association.

Ask if he would support them now.

Ask why he spent years demanding the arming of our police – only to backflip for Labour in a moment. What else can we expect him to sell out on?

Take some of the crime figures from the Kiwi Gun Blog.

Ask him why he cries wolf on guns in New Zealand – when gun crime is down.

Ask him why his association didn’t mentioning punishing criminals ONCE in their recommendation to the Law and Order committee trying to stop criminals using guns.

Please post and share the video of his replies. If he avoids the question – ask again. Then again. Dont be shy.

Let National Know Your Thoughts

Brett Hudsen is a vote stealing loser who needs to get out of the way.

If he is so selfish that he stays in the race – he will hand the seat to the enemy.

It is that simple.

Please email the man and suggest that he goes away: