The new arms code is out and it features some interesting changes:

A limit to the number of firearms that you can own?

Page 43: “A licence holder may possess any number of sporting-type rifles and shotguns although you will be required to justify the number of firearms you hold when the Police inspect your firearms security.”

Oh really?

Who decides this?

What is considered a good reason?

They are not a fish catch, go away please.

The new code also claims that:

“Every firearm licence holder must have Police approved security at their home that is suitable for the number of firearms held”.

That is simply not the law.

Likewise the demand that stored guns be dismantled and that “Trigger-locking devices are required for firearms that cannot be taken apart”.  

That is United Nations rules – not our law.

It also now appears as though strong rooms must be concrete and steel.

Oh and any safe must be attached to 2 surfaces. One must be the floor.

Has anyone been told about this new policy? What if the floor is board and the walls are concrete? This is mindless.

The following admonishment is also very unclear:

“Only an E endorsed person may have or use a MSSA and it is an offence for anyone without this endorsement to fire one, even under supervision”.

So… We can now shoot each other’s e cat guns if we also have an endorsement?

The code later reinforces that:

“Please note: An unlicensed person, even under immediate supervision, cannot use military-style semi-automatic firearms (MSSAs)”.

Then a THIRD time with:

“MSSAs can only be used by people with an ‘E’ endorsement. An MSSA cannot be used ‘under supervision’. No one may use a MSSA without this endorsement”.

But the matter is still not clear on using a friend’s rifle for competition if you have an endorsement yourself?

Are they being deliberately vague here?

New Rules for Shipping Guns

The new code insists that:

“The bolts or other working parts of the firearm(s) must be sent in a separate package on a different day, i.e if someone loses or steals the firearm from the mail it will be inoperable”.

More invented nonsense.

More expense.

More chance of a small but vital part going missing.

Redefining What a Gun Is

Thanks to Simon K for spotting this change:


The actual law:


A cat can be adapted to launch a bullet. Its not a gun.

Why Now?

The Kiwi Gun Blog is pretty sure that this talk is a direct result of the scumbags who broke into the club armorers home and took a number of guns.

The Judge in the case even commented on guns being held in private homes.

Before then handing down a piss weak sentence.

The criminals involved were on the street after just being caught with other illegal guns only weeks before.

We know where the issue is and it is not us.

This is a Police wish list being pushed as policy under colour of law.

For example:

“The Police will record your sporting (‘A’ category) firearms for you if you wish. This is usually done as a matter of routine during licensing enquiries”.

No. It really isn’t.

We need to demand that this rubbish is removed from the code immediately.

The entire tone of the document is strange and confrontational

The introductory message from the Police Commissioner includes the line:

“New Zealand has a comparatively good safety record”.

Did that really need qualification?

It concludes with: 

“Remember, the ownership and use of firearms is not an automatic right. It is a privilege”.

You spoil us….

A Final Note

The code makes clean that you can not have a license if: “a personal or social relationship with people who may be deemed to be unsuitable to obtain access to firearms”.

So how do thirty gang members have gun licenses again?

This is insane. The Police Minister is considering new changes to the gun laws – while the cops just make them on a whim.

They MUST be prevented from doing this in the future.

Contact the Police Minister

The Kiwi Gun Blog has contacted the Minister about this and you should as well:

Please also consider a quick IPCA complaint:

We have.