Nicole McKee has just posted a video to social media that seems very positive.

She and the second independent adviser – Geoff Thomas – have met with the Minister of Police Paula Bennett today and discussed the select committee’s firearms recommendations.

The Minister will publicly report her findings in a short time. However it looks like the worst of the ideas will be dropped. With the Minister agreeing with her advisers on many important issues.

Lets hope that this process will not still contribute to the creeping erosion of our rights as shooters. Just because be have prevented an outright distorter does not yet make this a win.

We must be vigilant and then hold the people responsible for the threat to account.

Nicole also confirmed that the Police Minister was behind the new arms code being withdrawn.

Well done to the shooters who spoke up at the various stages here!

If you didn’t – shame on you.

The Kiwi Gun Blog would like to thank Geoff and Nicole for their efforts here.