Stuart Nash is holding four public meetings this sunday the 28th of May.

nash cunt

Please ensure that each is attended by shooters!

The Questions

If you attend – please ask these questions:

1. When you last met with shooters you promised to inform your party caucus that you had changed your mind on several of the Law and Order committee’s recommendations – Did you do this?

2. How do you feel now that the Police Minister has indicated that she will ignore almost all of your recommendations as useless?

3. What recommendations do you still support?

REPEAT this question!!! He will be prepared to evade this. Insist!!

4. You refused to answer this before? Why?

5. Why does your party not support mandatory penalties for the nation’s most serious gun offenses?

Record These Meetings

The ONLY reason that this rat holds these joke meetings is so that he can video them. Then edit them dishonestly to appear to be the ‘Man who listens’ in a series of videos for social media promotion.

So record both your questions and his answers. Then share that video with the Kiwi Gun Blog.

Be responsible but insistent. You are NOT dealing with a human. Nash is an utterly disingenuous tool and these appearances are nothing more than scripted performance art works.

So don’t be shy. Ask. Repeat.

Go get him team!