There have been disturbing reports on social media that – if proven – should see the Police staff involved fired.

A member of FOUNZ reported that he recently had his new address inspected by the Police.

The inspector then produced a form and asked what firearms the shooter had. Their condition. The serial number of each. Why the shooter ‘Needed’ each firearm.

Then the inspector asked how much ammunition the shooter had.

When the shooter declined to answer these nonsense questions because “That’s not the law” the inspector is alleged to have replied; “No it’s not law. But if you refuse I’m sure the police will do an enforced inspection within a few days and may confiscate any firearms and ammunition they deem unnecessary”.


So now their extra legal abuses are being backed with threats of the unlawful seizure of lawfully owned firearms.

Then things apparently became truly bizarre.

When our hero asked what “Unnecessary ammunition” meant he was told; “Ammunition that may be used in B, E or C class firearms – Or more than you need”.


This is Trademe level stupid. Obviously any cartridge could be used in every category of arm. That is like looking for ‘Motorbike petrol’.

As for ‘More than you need’!!!?

So now they want to limit both the number of guns a shooter has AND the ammo stored. Right out of the UN handbook.

Look at their wish list in effect:

  1. Warrantless searches. Or ‘Inspections’.
  2. Confiscation at will if the Police don’t deem your firearm to be ‘Necessary’.
  3. Failure to treat an Arms Inspector as a God King will result in terrible and immediate punishment.

This is beyond coercion. It demonstrates a contempt for the shooter’s rights as a citizen AND the law itself.


This is the ‘Justification’ changes that we now know the Police are seeking. At every stage of your responsible arms ownership. This is beyond open to abuse. This must be stopped dead.

Consider video recording all interactions with Arms control staff. Overtly or covertly. Sadly – we are now at that stage.


What to do if you are a victim of this

  1. Contact the Kiwi Gun Blog: HERE
  2. Contact COLFO
  3. Contact SSANZ :
  4. Contact the National Shooters Association
  5. Contact Founz
  6. Complain to IPCA : Complain online.
  7. If you see any odd looking form – snap a picture with your camera. Or better still – grab a copy. Share it with the groups above.

Remember – Bullies hate it when the victim’s friends show up.

You are not alone.

Your best protection is a LOT of people following your cause.

So make any Police abuses known.

Have preparations been made for further abuses?

The Kiwi Gun Blog has made an Official Information Request to the Police to learn if any new forms have been designed, discussed or printed in relation to the management of the Arms Act – in the last three years.

If so, we have asked the Police to provide details /  copies of these.

Stay tuned.

We have also urged the Police Minister to investigate this case.