Now this is odd.

The Police have recently told the Kiwi Gun Blog that they have no idea how many shooters are ‘Missing’ under the old gun licensing system. How many simply refused to accept the new ten year license – a betrayal of their promised ‘Lifetime’ license.

The Police can also therefore not say where the guns of those shooters are.

We now also know that thousands of expired gun licences are currently going unchecked under that NEW system as well.

The Police can therefore not say where the guns of those shooters are.

The media have previously reported that “30,000 shooters did not renew” under the old system. Seeming to know more than the Police do.

Well we have just received some new data. Now we can confirm that there are……

25,000 Missing Shooters

National Performance and Insights Centre:

Please note that 25,272 firearms licences were revoked in 2007 because on June 1, Police proactively revoked licences of people who failed to respond to the calling in of their firearms licence.  

These revoked firearms licences were originally “lifetime licences” that had not been converted to “ten year licences” and were revoked under section 38 of the Arms Amendment Act 1992.

Although licences may have been legally revoked under the Arms Amendment Act 1992 on different dates after commencement of the Act, Police actioned the revocation of licences in their database in bulk on 1 June 2007. Note that data are only available since 2005.

Year Revoked Licences
2005 327
2006 324
2007   25,272
2008   396
2009   557
2010   685
2011   641
2012   572
2013   572
2014   529
2015   584
2016   496

It is interesting to note that numerous shooters have their licenses revoked each year. Even if this is as little as 0.1% of the quarter of a million total licence holders. The Kiwi Gun Blog assumes that this is usually shooters who have simply chosen not to renew their license without notification and the Police simply made it official.

Even so – you would think that Police would then also take action on the 30 Gang Members known to have gun licenses.

How Many Shooters Give up the Sport Each Year?

We tried to find the figures of shooters who were choosing to surrender their license each year. These are important figures to look for as the government tries to price and complicate people out of their chosen sport.

But these numbers are not available. The table above may be the next best thing. The number seems relatively stable.

Age of Shooters

The Blog also asked for the average age of the kiwi shooter. We need to ensure that new blood is coming in to preserve our gun sports.

The below table shows the average age of current firearms licence holders at the time they were issued with a licence.

This is NOT what we asked for but MAY be indicative of a slightly aging ownership.

Note that data are only available since 2007.

These trends are important. Aussie has more lawful guns in circulation now than before their big gun grab for example – but in less hands.

Less shooters.

A more vulnerable group.

Licence Issue Year Average Age
2007 49
2008 42
2009 39
2010 36
2011 35
2012 36
2013 41
2014 48
2015 51
2016 51
2017 53

*as at 9 May 2017

Lady Shooters

Officially, there are currently 16,677 female firearms licence holders. Obviously many more rural women would shoot on the ‘Family’ gun license. It would be great for all our clubs to make a conscious effort to attract more.

If every lady shooter makes a commitment to introduce one friend to the sport each year….

We should ALL be doing this 🙂


The Kiwi Gun Blog can only make the point – AGAIN – that it is a farce for the control freak Police to pursue ever more controls when they do not even enforce the existing laws.

When they don’t even meet their existing obligations of management.

They seriously want to track ammunition sales when they have lost 25,000 f#@king shooters?!


Please note that the data provided are provisional and drawn from a dynamic operational database. They are subject to change as new information is continually recorded. The above data were drawn on 9 May 2017.