The Kiwi Gun Blog has previously detailed the suspicious work of the Law, Crime and Community Safety Council. A joint Australian / New Zealand crime control working group.

The Police Minister and Justice Minister were both in attendance at the last meeting.

The Kiwi Gun Blog then discovered that guns were on that meeting’s agenda. So we asked all the parties involved what was discussed.

Isabel Poulson is the Ministerial Advisor to Judith Collins, who was present.

Her office were insisting on passing the matter to the current Police Minister for comment. Who will then answer our concerns “From the records of the meeting”.

Collins’ office refused to make the simple statement; “No trans Tasman firearm agreements or understanding have been entered into”.

Just refused.

The new Police Minister has yet to respond.

After much buck passing from all the other parties involved, the Justice Minister finally responded to our concerns by letter.


No comment was made on any joint planning regarding firearms. This answer seems very evasive in its specificity. It simply ignores the question as to changes in our own laws.

Then the Minister goes on the record to say…

aussie gun laws.PNG

That sounds great. Until you re read it.

But what about aspects of the Australian system?

The Kiwi Gun Blog finds it very hard to believe that our Ministers meet with their counterparts and then sit silently during these discussions.

Why on earth would the Australian gun system be on the agenda for this working group’s meeting in New Zealand?

You would think that they would discuss their own business, in their own time, in their own country.

Just another threat to watch.

At BEST we are sure that the disastrous Australian system has significant influence on those pushing for changes in our own gun laws.