The Kiwi Gun Blog wanted to get a real accounting of the use of MSSA rifles in New Zealand crime.

So we asked the Police:

“Of the last 100 incidents when a firearm was used in an assault, robbery or murder – how many were semi automatic (MSSA) rifles?”

(The last 100 cases where the type of weapon used could be determined)

We also asked:

“Of the last 100 incidents when a firearm was used in an assault, robbery or murder – how many were lawfully owned by the perpetrator?”


Superintendent Chris Scahill responded today.

Basically – Police don’t keep data on the TYPE of weapon used in gun crime.

They CAN answer our question but have refused on the grounds that a modicum of work may be involved in gathering the data.

This is just not good enough.

The Police Association are getting away with lying to the media by citing ‘anecdotal evidence’. Official complaints to broadcasters are even being declined based on this.

“The reports that we are getting from members…”


We need the truth.

The Police DO keep records of the last 100 offenses with a firearm. It is then a small matter to check those for the detail of the weapon involved.

The only reason that the Police won’t do this is that it blows their claims of the ‘MSSA menace!” out of the water.

We suspect that not a single MSSA rifle would appear in the data that we have requested.

Scahill also refused to answer our second question, on the same grounds.

No records are kept as to whether the offender in a gun crime was legally in possession of that firearm.

Again, it would be a small matter to run the last 100 offenders against the list of people who hold a gun license.

Again, we suspect that not a single licensed owner would appear in such data. Or a freakishly low percentage – on the worst day.

But that does not suit the narrative being sold to our Politicians and the media.

That would mean that criminals are the sole issue. Not shooters and not our MSSA rifles.

The Kiwi Gun Blog has complained to the Ombudsman in an attempt to secure this information.

We have also written to the Police Minister in an attempt to have this released.

Parting Shot

Just remember that the Police are now on the record as stating that there are NO records of the use of MSSA rifles in crime.

So if they ever claim that these rifles are an issue – call them on that baseless lie.