Here is a quick post.

A new study released by Police shows that:

1. Most murder in New Zealand does not involve weapons of any kind. Less than 10%

2. Only one in ten murders involves a firearm.

So, as with the figures from so many other Western nations, if firearms were wished away it would barely even scratch the statistics. Even before criminals simply adapted to other tools to get the job done.

The Kiwi Gun Blog would be amazed if a MSSA rifle appeared even once in these statistics.

The Police refuse to provide this data so we cant be sure.

Please remember – Firearms are used in only 1.5% of the nation’s violent crimes as a whole.

The Tables

this one.PNG

Figures for the 2015 calendar year


Our gun crime is low and stable

If seven gun murders a year is the clearly fluctuating average – then there is clearly no concern to be manufactured here.

Maddeningly – the Police will not admit that almost every one of these cases would also have involved an unlicensed shooter! 

Just remember…..

Our gun crime is low.

It is stable in that low rate.

Call out any liar who suggests otherwise.