The Kiwi Gun Blog is tired of shooters having to put out bush fires.

The Police are inventing new extra-legal abuses almost by the month.

We are also sick of pulling teeth in an attempt to secure data from the Police and the Justice Department. All in an effort to determine the true state of the issues surrounding arms use and abuse in New Zealand.

There is a simple solution.

We Need an Independent Royal Commission of Inquiry

It is time for the Police Minister to look at the big picture.

Paula Bennett should immediately order an independent royal commission of inquiry into the firearm control issue. With wide terms of reference.

It has been 25 years since the Arms Amendment Bill caused the chaos that we now face.

As it stands….

The Police refuse to answer official information requests that would allow us to determine if the ten yearly licence is accomplishing anything at all.

The Police cant show ANY crimes solved by the current system. Not one.

The Police have been caught lying before finally admitting that they have never performed an audit into the failings of their system.

Despite admitting being aware of the inaccuracies in registration.

Despite knowing that their last effort was 66% inaccurate.

We now know that the Police have lost 25,000 previously licensed shooters from the old system.

But we don’t know the result of that.

We know that the Police are letting thousands of expired licenses go unchecked.

But we don’t know the result of that.

We know that the Police owe shooters countless millions for the guns they stole under an invented ‘Must turn in’ policy.

We know that our current law can see a lawful shooter jailed for the imagination of an officer.

We know that other parts of our gun law require shooters to prove themselves innocent. Against common sense and international law.

We know that the UTTER FAILURE of the justice system is responsible for almost every gun crime issue that we face.

We know that gangs have gun licences.

We know that the Police systems actually put shooters at risk of robbery.

We know that Police don’t vet criminals returning to New Zealand. Allowing them to give their gang $50,000 worth of guns for crime.

We know that the Police have no record of stolen guns.

We know that the Judges reward criminals for having stolen guns.

We know that the Police are failing in their most basic responsibilities. Leading to massive delays in processing permits, licence renewals and more.

We know that there are serious issues with boarder security.

We know that the current system allows criminals to make their own gun license and trick Police.

Police refuse to say if a Muslim woman can cover her face for a gun license image.

The SIS refuse to say if they let people on their terror watch list get gun licenses.

We know that United Nations policy has undue influence here in arms management.

We know that Police regularly invent law as ‘Policy’. Often inventing criminals from the previously lawful overnight.

We know that Police regularly abuse their power and that shooters desperately need an independent oversight agency to protect us on an ongoing basis.

We know that Police appear to have little interest in criminals flaunting guns on social media.

We know that Police bully lawful shooters with threats if they don’t accept extra legal policy.

We know that Police literally re wrote the law for the new Arms Code. Before the Minister ordered them to pull their heads in.

We know that the Police Union deliberately mislead. About the threat of guns. About SO much more. To the media. To the lawmakers. To their members.

We know that no heads have rolled for ANY of the above.

We know that more attacks on responsible shooters are in the works. It never stops. Yet it needs to.

But these thousand sins are scattered. They get lost in the white noise. They need to be gathered – then shared.

Then they can help to produced an informed debate.

On an issue that effects a quarter of a million New Zealanders.

Plus the safety of every New Zealander.


The Thorpe report of 1997 was a mess. Nothing more than an agenda driven liberal, flailing about in the midst of chaos, trying to form pictures with the data that he repeatedly admitted he never had.

Has there been ANY serious evaluation of our gun laws in the two decades since?

Those in the know in Wellington are saying that new gun laws are coming.

One way or another.

The only question is – who will frame the focus of those?

Our deceptive Police working for the United Nations?

With a rigged game of ‘Hearing submissions’?

Or a Police Minister working from the recommendations of a truly independent report.

One that is open to every aspect of the issue.

The Kiwi Gun Blog suggest that the latter is the much preferred option.

What are your thoughts?

If you agree….

Please contact the Police Minister – Paula Bennett – to ask for a Ministerial inquiry.

The Kiwi Gun Blog have written to the Minister and the Prime Minister to suggest the idea. But we need your support.

The Office of the Prime Minister wrote back – without comment – to pass the buck to Bennett.

Its time for the Police to account for themselves now.f3