Just a reminder to PRETTY PLEASE stick to the party line.

The Kiwi Gun Blog have spoken to a shooter who took his local MP to a sports store to explain why the proposed changes to our gun laws wont work.
It was all going well….. Until two mouth breathing retards who worked there started saying that registration seemed a good idea.
Our hero had to then educate them AND the MP on the historical reality of such abysmal failures. They eventually got the point.
But all that MP took away was that shooters are divided and perhaps such a notion would have some support from the shooting community.
The Blog assumes that these IDIOTS were from the ‘Fishing’ side of the store.
This is just not good enough.

If you run a gun shop – please educate your staff.

HERE is a quick primer on what the Law and Order committee has proposed.
Its a bit rude for those volunteers who sacrifice their family time working in opposition to such threats – only to see their work undone by those who profit from the gun sports under threat.

By all means discuss and debate any proposed legislation.


Then, once a consensus has been reached, stick to a coherent message.

The good news

By mobilizing shooters – behind a single message – we have the idiots who proposed the new laws now back peddling. We have the Police Minister saying that most, if not all, of the recommendations will be dumped.

Now….. We have two idiots in a gun shop telling our Members of Parliament to go ahead.

The local shooters that the Blog have spoken to want to boycott the store involved. We suggested speaking to the manager instead.

So far there has just been a lone idiot out of 250,000 shooters voicing support for what was proposed. That resulted in members leaving his club and sponsors dumping the club in disbelief at his stupidity.

Lets not allow others to now cause division out of their sheer ignorance.

The gun grabbers want to create division that they can then seize on to pretend that their ideas have support in our community.

Don’t aid them in this dirty trick.


Here is another example from the National Rifle Association…

This was from a submission made in response to the proposed ‘Arms (Military Style Semi-automatic Firearms and Import Controls) Amendment Bill’ five years ago.

It begins well:

“To the chairperson and members of the Law and Order Select Committee, the NRANZ fully endorses and supports the submission made by the New Zealand Council of Licensed Firearms Owners Incorporated (COLFO)”.


“The NRANZ supports the proposal by Police to alter the definition of an MSSA from a negative to that of a positive list of accompanying features. I.e. (a semiautomatic firearm with one or more of the specified accompanying appearance features).
Concern for MSSA Definition described within Regulation
The NRANZ does not disagree with the Police proposal to revert to the pre 2008 (Crown Law advice), Police interpretation of an MSSA pistol grip. However this move leaves both firearm users and the Police again facing the same uncertainties that were prevalent at that time”.

A pity that COLFO didn’t whip their member organizations into a consistent position.

The Blog was reminded of this submission by a furious reader who was in the room when his Association’s representatives “voiced they had NO objections to the proposed arms bill” .

It should be noted that the National Rifle Association are now under direct and specific attack from the NZ Police Association. Who now want to ban their deadly sniper rifles.

By ‘Sniper rifles’ we mean the rifles that they have been competing with since 1879.

Without issue.

Selling out your brothers only buys you so much time……

We can never compromise with those who would end our sports.