Thanks to our reader Henry B for sending us this STORY from stuff.

The Education Minister is in the news wanting ‘clearer rules and parental consent when it comes to kids and guns’.

Because you can teach a twelve year old kiwi kid about anal sex in their school – but heaven forbid they learn gun safety.

This nonsense surrounds the reporting of an army visit to a school. Or a school visit to the army. Or… oh it doesn’t matter. Kids touched guns!!!!! That is all you need to know.

The Minister told Stuff that she is “pretty conservative” when it comes to guns in schools and as a “general rule” she doesn’t support it.

Naturally the Green Party education spokeswoman Catherine Delahunty was behind the invented issue.

She said “Under no circumstances should guns have ever been in a primary school”.

“Clearly it’s not safe for primary school children to have an assault rifle in their hands and the other thing is, what is the educational value in teaching primary school children how to use assault rifles?”

“I suspect it’s about propaganda to persuade children the Defence Force is really cool and guns are really cool. Guns are not cool and they have no place in schools”.

Then Labour’s education spokesman Chris Hipkins added his ‘Concerns’.

“While I think the army had good motivations and intentions with what they were trying to do, it was definitely the wrong way to capture kids’ imaginations,” he said.

The minister was also interviewed on Newstalk ZB.

As the station’s website put it: “after the Army handed out automatic weapons to children on a school trip”.

You utter twats.

To state the obvious – Kids being exposed to guns with basic instruction satisfies their curiosity and increases their safety. They then spread that safety message to other kids in the unlikely event that they find an unattended gun.

Perhaps in the house of a criminal that our justice system has given a community sentence to.

What You Can Do

Please contact the Education Minister Nikki Kaye and let her know your thoughts on young people being exposed to responsible gun handling.

The Kiwi Gun Blog have written to point out the long history in NZ of cadets and scouts in and out of schools enjoying gun training without issue.

The only result is warm brass and safer kids.

If you agree – please add your voice.