The Kiwi Gun Blog have asked Police for the number of New Zealand citizens that they have shot accidentally. Then for the total compensation that we taxpayers have lost as a result.

NZ Police immediately passed the buck to the ACC.

Simply ignoring the total of direct financial compensation that they have had to pay to their innocent victims.

Then the ACC replied that they simply couldn’t find the information.


The Kiwi Gun Blog wrote back to ask why they didn’t simply look up the names.

Look at this rubbish from Terence Routledge, Senior Advisor, in reply:


Firstly – the Police should have given them the names at the start. How else would they run a search?

Secondly – how is asking for the names ‘Creating information’?!

What utter contempt of the process.

So the Blog wrote to the Police to get the names.

To give to the ACC.

So they could answer the question.

That we asked the POLICE in the first place.

We just heard back…

Superintendent Anna Jackson says “No”.

The Police wont give us the names due to privacy.


They could have given them directly to the ACC without issue of course. But no.

At every step they also run out the clock on the request deadline.

Oh – this is AFTER Raewyn Thomson advised us that Police had to extend the time limit to respond to our requests. The reason for the extension? The time required “to research and collate the requested information”.

That they wouldn’t give us.

Utter contempt.

Oh and none of this includes the legal costs to Police – that WE PAY – when they also fight citizens wanting compensation for being shot. As they endure the ongoing pain and health issues that they face.

Oh and even if we DO get things moving again – check this out:


An aggregated number does NOT violate anyone’s privacy.

It WOULD however show the cost of Police negligence with firearms.

Perhaps leading to better training and safer communities.

Again –  What absolute contempt.

The Kiwi Gun Blog have referred the matter to the ombudsman.

We have also asked both the Police Minister and the Minister responsible for ACC to help get an answer here.