Here is a quick story…

Bet that you can guess the end.

A gang leader has been sentenced for weapons offences.

Oh yes…. BOOM!

The brutal hammer of the law has fallen!

Community detention and supervision.


According to media: “Jamie Pink, 46, pleaded guilty to two charges of unlawful possession of a firearm after police discovered two pump action shotguns and a bat modified with protruding studs and screws in his bullet ridden car in Hamilton in October”.

The police prosecutor had sought jail time, pointing out that Pink had 78 previous convictions, including firearms and drug offending.

But just remember that lawful shooters are the real cause of gun crime. Because the Police Union says so.

We mean…. What else could the problem be?

If only there were a clue…

Some pattern…..

Thanks to our reader Andrew T for sending us the STORYf3