The Kiwi Gun Blog has had several readers share anecdotes of the NZ Police being told that they can no longer use shooting ranges due to their incompetence and dangerous handling of arms. Often resulting in damaged equipment.

So we asked the Police if this was indeed the case.

In a response received today, Inspector David Rose denied this.


Well then…. It appears as though several shooters, at several ranges, imagined this.

The Inspector attached a range report from the Police College that DOES detail significant bullet damage where there should be none.


 Both the walls and roof had been shot up “Considerably”.


The report goes on to detail a very lax management of the range. This from the people who are required to sign off on civilian ranges.

But of more concern is the appalling training standards on show.

Would you want these new shooters gunfighting near you?

The full report is available here:


Do you have a story of our Police being denied access to your range for safety reasons?

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