This is extraordinary…..

We are now used to the Police acting outside of law when it comes to their management of the Arms Act.

But for this latest casual abuse to arrive so soon after the Arms Code farce is quite bizarre.

Are they now showing contempt for the Minister who insisted that they pull their heads in?

Are they challenging her?

Or are they simply trying to reassert their authority like a wife beater?

Either way…..

Police are now reclassifying all imported AR15 type rifles as Military Style Semi Automatic Rifles.


Dealers have informed the Kiwi Gun Blog that they must now apply for an ‘E Category’ import permit to bring in ‘A Category’ AR15 sporting rifles.

What is the concern?

The Police are known to be chasing law changes that allow them to demand ‘Reasons’ for your continued possession of any gun.

Also for the number of guns that you have.

Only they will determine if your reasons are valid. Subject to change…

They are particularly keen on this control at the time of any firearm’s importation.

By changing their policy in regarding sporting AR type rifles as ‘Military Style’ rifles – They can then also apply the ‘Special reason’ requirement under the law as it stands TODAY.

The law that they are trying to expand to all guns of all categories.

They can now decline your application to import on a whim.

The open aggression of the Police, especially at this time, is a huge concern.

We must meet their challenge.


What you can do…

Firstly – spread the word.

Then write to your Member of Parliament and most importantly – the Police Minister.

Tell her that you are sick and tired of lawless Police. That you will no longer tolerate Police doing an end run around Parliament to get the tyrannical controls that they seek.

Lastly – We MUST campaign to remove these draconian powers from the Police. It is time they returned to managing the Arms Act – not inventing it.f3