The Kiwi Gun Blog asked Police how much taxpayer money was wasted on the children’s fairy tale that was the 2017 Arms Code.

The legal over reach that has since been withdrawn and destroyed.

Drum roll……

$27,864.00 Plus gst (.761 each)

We asked for the cost of design to be included – we assume that it has been.

That is over $32,000 all up.

Who was fired?

If anyone else cost a company that much – heads would roll.

We are not aware of ANY disciplinary action resulting so far.

We have asked Paula Bennett – the Police Minister – for an update here.

The Blog also asked if any other forms have been “designed, discussed or printed” in relation to management of the Arms Act in the last three years.


Inspector Chris ‘Lurch’ Scahill claims that only the withdrawn Arms Code and a Mail Order Sales form have been produced.

In his response Lurch stressed the word ‘NEW’.

This begs the question have existing forms been modified? We asked. Stay tuned.

In the meantime…..

You may want to contact the Police Minister to insist that someone is disciplined over this inexcusable farce.

The Blog have.

We have also made a complaint to the IPCA

Click the link above to make a complaint on line.

There MUST be a cost to those involved in such ongoing abuses.