The following email has been sent to FCAF members from Deputy Commissioner Mike Clement:


Good afternoon FCAF members,

Today, the Government released its response to the Law and Order Select Committee’s Report on issues relating to the illegal possession of firearms. 

The purpose of my email is to also advise you of the steps the Police Executive is taking to deliver stronger consultative and decision-making processes relating to our administration of the Arms Act.

We acknowledge there has been frustration and some concern relating to administration of the Arms Act, and that we need to be more responsive in consulting with the Forum and the wider firearms community.

The Police Executive recognises this concern, and is taking action in response. As you will be aware, in 2016 we established the Firearms Safety and Control Project to identify opportunities for improvement, but recognise that we need to move more quickly. As a result, we have introduced a new governance structure that provides greater oversight and direction of firearms related matters.

I’m pleased to advise that a new Arms Act Service Delivery Group, incorporating the Arms Control Unit and the Arms Safety Control Project is in the process of being established to lead this work. This new Group will report directly to the Police Executive and be focused on improving administrative efficiency and strengthening communications and consultative processes.

It will take some time to get this group fully functioning. Until then, I welcome any questions, comments or suggestions you may have either directly through the email or through FCAF. This will help build our appreciation of any issues as they arise.

In the interim the work already in progress will continue. We will continue to consult with the Forum as an important conduit between Police and the firearms community.
To further support the emphasis and priority Police is giving to this work, I’m pleased to welcome Acting Superintendent Mike McIlraith, who has been appointed to lead the group and will report directly to me, the Deputy Commissioner National Operations.

Mike brings a broad range of experience from his 25-year career with New Zealand Police, and a 20-year career with the New Zealand Army (Territorial Force), which has included service in Afghanistan and East Timor respectively, and in recent senior Police leadership roles in prevention, response, training and national project delivery.

To that end, Acting Supt. McIlraith will be making contact soon to meet Forum members and talk through these changes. He will be seeking your feedback on how we can keep you better informed and involved as we move forward.

Mike Clement
Deputy Commissioner: National Operations | New Zealand Police

This sounds very positive. 

But we doubt that it is enough.

We still need an oversight and appeals process.

We still need Parliament making the law – not the Police.

The Kiwi Gun Blog has contacted those involved with our concerns.

None of which will be new…..

We will be meeting with Acting Supt. McIlraith this week to share our thoughts.

In the meantime – Check out this document recently publicized by FOUNZ:

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Some very serious issues with Arms Management have been very well known for quite some time. At the level of Ministers, Executive and Senior leadership teams, District commanders and National managers.

Lets hope that the new changes go a long way to improving that situation.