Antonie Roni “Tony” Dixon. For readers who don’t remember, this was the loon who went on an 11-hour spree of violence back in 2003. This included severing the hands or arms of two women with a Samurai sword.

Oh he also shot a man dead with ten rounds from a homemade sub-machine gun. When not kidnapping another guy and shooting at Police. It was a busy day.

There followed a farce of trials, re trials, attempts and bribing jurors and a truly bizarre attempt at an insanity defense. Dixon also pulled a weapon on his lawyer.

The night before his scheduled re-sentencing, Dixon was found dead in his cell at Auckland Prison.


The Kiwi Gun Blog asked the Police:

  1. Can Police please confirm the nature of this weapon?
  2. Was this a modified weapon or built in a home workshop?
  3. Did Dixon have previous arms offences?
  4. If so – What was the component of the sentence received for the arms offending? (If combined with other charges)
  5. Please provide a picture of the weapon

Fifty two days later – the Police replied.


The Police Reply

Ashleigh Lowe, Acting O/C File Management Centre at Counties Manukau Police responded today.

So firstly – What was the nature of this weapon? Was this a modified weapon or built in a home workshop?

Police can confirm that the weapon is in fact ‘homemade’ and is further described as ‘of irregular construction, comprising parts from various military weapons and is classified as a restricted weapon’.

Yeah. Not a lot of detail there.

Next – Did Dixon have previous arms offences?

“This information is withheld under the Official Information Act 1982, Section 9(2)(a) – in order to protect the privacy of natural persons. Including that of deceased natural persons”.

The Blog called Ashleighkins back today to ask if Dixon’s record was not already public.

The curt reply was that some of it may be. Ask the Justice department.

Likewise, Police will not provide the component of the sentences that Dixon had received for his previous arms offending.

That leaves…. Police providing a picture of the weapon.

Unbelievably – that was also refused.

“This has been withheld in its entirety under the Official Information Act 1982 Section 6(c) – to prejudice the maintence of the law, including the prevention, investigation and detection of offences and the right to a fair trial”.

Fair trial?

He is a dead parrot.

When pressed, Ashleigh could not answer why this picture was being withheld from us.

She needed to get back to us in a few days with the answer.

This is just getting stupid now.

The woman actually sneered out “Why do you want to know?”

Well Ashleigh….

How can we build a true picture of the causes of gun crime, the use of guns in crime and discover potential solutions if the Police keep hiding the facts we need? Seemingly for sport. 

The Kiwi Gun Blog have referred the matter to the ombudsman.

The Final Word

It is the Blog’s understanding that Dixon had over 150 convictions. Mostly for theft and burglary. He had been imprisoned at least 14 times.

You can not prevent a nut case from making a gun to kill people with.  But can you honestly look at this man’s history and say that these horrors were not preventable? 

Even if you could magic away the guns… the psychotics will still dismember people with swords.

Incarceration works.