Shooters attended a public meeting of the National Party last night, the 19th of June. It was held at the Pakuranga Golf Club and was intended to address issues of law and order. The special guest was Kanwaljit Singh Bakshi, chairperson of the Law & Order Select Committee.

Yes – THAT guy.

The man who headed the Law and Order Committee looking into the criminal possession of guns.

At the meeting several shooters in attendance claimed that he admitted to owning an illegal gun.

Apparently, Kanwaljit Singh Bakshi’s father had a gun license. When he passed away the National list MP simply kept one.

The Kiwi Gun Blog doubts that its storage would be secure but has asked the MP. He has not responded.

Peter L: “I can vouch for this meeting & what was said. It was clear to me that Kanwaljit said his father had a gun licence & that Kanwaljit was now in possession of those guns.
At this point he was told he was in illegal possession of a firearm & that he should surrender it to the police”.

The shooter was later interviewed by television media.

Kieran T: “You’re right Peter that’s true he didn’t say it was an example or theoretically speaking. That’s the problem with politicians they speak in such roundabout ways when answering questions and they end up putting themselves in the shit. Amazing how naive a lot of them are”.

We have also laid a complaint with the Police and notified the Police Minister and Prime Minister of the incident.

File number: 170620/1030

We have also laid a complaint with the IPCA about Police Inspector Wendy Spiller.


She was in attendance, with dozens of others, to hear the admission. Yet it was up to one of our readers to demand that he surrender the firearm to Police.

The MP apparently dodged the question. The Inspector did nothing.

Well, other than push for total gun registration at the meeting.

Kanwaljit Singh Bakshi claimed that he kept “One of the guns”. Were there others? Who got those? The Blog has asked Police to check.

The Kiwi Gun Blog has already reported that there are currently 4272 expired gun licenses that the NZ Police are failing to take any real action on. How many other guns have met a similar fate?

Is there a robust procedure upon the death of a shooter to ensure that their arms are safely disposed of? We are checking now.

Stay tuned for updates.


Paula Bennett, the Police Minister, has recently rejected the bizarre recommendations of Bakshi’s committee. Even Labour’s Stuart Nash did an embarrassing back flip on his proposals as well. 

The Kiwi Gun Blog called Bakshi’s Parliamentary office for comment – they refused.

They claimed that the MP would call us back – he did not.

Today Bakshi told the media that it was all a misunderstanding.

The Blog has directed the media to the witnesses for interview.