There is a very silly court case happening at the moment in Ashburton.

Long story short – Man took a rifle to a public toilet because it is illegal to leave it in an unattended vehicle. Public call Police. Police over react. Hilarity ensues.

Apparently NONE of the Police witnesses in court knew that it was unlawful to leave a firearm in a vehicle – a number simply rejected that a firearm could not be ‘secured in a car’.

They kept referring to the ‘Arms Code’ and the Judge kept instructing them that she operated by the LAW.

We have been trying to tell them that….

Other judges have in the past.

From a shooter who attended the case: “The botched evidential disclosure was considerable and may in itself result in significant likely hood of much of the case being slung out of court – as asked for by Counsel for Richard L”.

We will see on July 3 – the Judges summation and rulings should be worth waiting for.

 Thanks to our reader ‘J’ for sending this clipping.


Some more details HERE


Of course there is no penalty for Police when they leave their guns behind in Parliamentary toilets……